• Kitchen Grey tank
    When I travel I mix dawn and a dishwasher pod in a warm bucket of water so it can sloosh around my tank, both black and grey. This seems to keep the sensors working but they will stop working once you stop for any amount of time.
  • Hello from Nova Scotia!
    Oyster Bed Bridge is correct. After camping in Maitland for 15 years we found this campground three years ago. The owners run a great campground, well manicured and clean. We have camped at Cabot Park as well and found it quite enjoyable. It you get to our neck of the woods were are in Site 1, that is if the bubble opens again for us.
  • Newest Member of our RV crew
    We have had Standards and Miniatures over the years, best fur balls in my view. They travel well, friendly, smart and great watch dogs. We lost our last two Miniatures a year or so ago which made life and travels a little less enjoyable. We are looking forward to the addition to our family.
  • Floor Mat Question for Ray
    I've used WeatherTech in a number of my vehicles and just recently bought another set for a 2011 BMW X3. The fit is perfect, looks good and are really functional. So to let you know I have used them in a 2007 Honda CRV, 2016 Murano and a 2017 F150 and each set fit like a glove.
  • Hello from Nova Scotia!
    Welcome, you'll find this a very helpful forum with so many knowledgable folks. We too are from Nova Scotia and like you hope to get to PEI this summer if the bubble opens. We have a spot at Bayside RV Campground.
  • Dehumidifier
    I'm usually an optimist but from what I am seeing on both sides of the border and across the pond I think we may have another year of limited adventures.
  • Construction pictures of our "Mobile Homestead" home on wheels!
    Impressive might not adequately describe this
  • Caulking
    Thanks Ray
  • JT's Strong Arm Stabilizers
    I use the x chocks as well. So far I haven't had any complaints.
  • Waterless truck and camper cleaning.
    Yes it does. I carry one in my truck and use it often if not daily.
  • Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment
    Hey Ray. Purchased the polisher and started to use it. It is well built, small but does the job. Started on finishing the other half of my Titanium that I didn't finish last year.
  • Whole new world for us....
    You will love this. Towing will become second nature to you. Suggest you take it to a nice big empty parking lot and practice backing up so you get a feel of how it responds. Remember to take your time hooking up. I have a check list to ensure everything is secure and safely hooked up. Rv
  • What are your plans if we cannot head south this fall?
    Our biggest problem is not what we will do for the fall, it's as of this time we can't move any where in Nova Scotia. So until the restrictions are lifted our Titanium will remain in its RV driveway. The good news is maybe there are a few project I can get at while stuck at home. Rv
  • Tank sensors not accurate
    Every time I move our rig I empty out our tanks and then I mix up a gallon or so of warm water with dawn dish detergent along with a cascade dish washer puck and place in both tanks. It has successfully cleaned and restored our level indicators each time. It would seem the agitation while driving is enough for the detergents to clean the tank walls. Rv
  • Our 14 Day Quarantine Over - How is everyone doing?
    Check out this site https://ncov2019.live/data and I think to story of lock down becomes evident. The world has changed in some many ways and its results will be lasting. On the upside our environment has had a brief reprieve. Rv
  • Northern lights
    I spent a lot of years in the north and these sights never failed to amaze me. Rv
  • Dove Springs Free BLM Camping, California
    Glad to see you all will be home soon, stay safe. Rv
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
    Could do with a little heat here in Nova Scotia Hope all is well. If the snow ever lets up I hope to finish a repair or two on our rig along with replacing carpet in the bedroom with carpet squares. Getting a little antsy as there has been no let up of snow/rain/snow/ice/wind this year. Rv
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    Not sure about availability but I did read about crime in that area you might not be aware of. Read this in https://www.rvtravel.com/rvt-933b/ and thought you might like to know that there has been some crime issues there as well here is another site with specific info on boon docking there with respect to crime https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g56691-i85-k11796521-Crime_In_South_Padre_Island-South_Padre_Island_Texas.html
  • Thought this might interest you and others
    It was thorough and very informative. Like all things it has its pros and cons but hearing he had trouble contacting the company certainly doesn't bode well for them.