• Check Your Critical Nuts and Bolts - Routine RV Maintenance Tip
    I use a trick learned when I was in the Marines.
    Paint the bolt head and piece being secured with stripe of white paint or nail polish.
    Quick way to determine if anything has lossened.zk4s7d1vib9loc68.jpeg
  • RV Checklists App Called ChecklistPro & Our Departure Checklist Items
    Last item on our departure checklist (and the most important) is kiss the driver.
  • Slideout floor damage repair
    Dropped off the 5W at the storage unit 4 days ago, 100% charge.
    Came back this morning, charge at 20% and 12.4 volts on the battery,
    Never had this problem before, doubled checked everything, battery was still disconnected.
    Pulled it out into the sun, battery went to 14.4v.
    Have 3 AGM batteries, 4 years old.

    Thoughts on what happened?
  • West coast going south without going to the SW desert
    Rick - We really like Morro Dunes, great views of the rock & right next to the beach. Morro Strand state park close by is nice, as is Morro Bay State Park.
    Hearst San Simeon Park is dry camping, spots are very close together, and we were told there's a theft problem there.

    If you head south into the LA area, make sure you check out Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort & Campground off the 10/210 freeways in San Dimas. It is truly a diamond in the rough; green grass, cliff spots with great views and a lake. We went there for a Grand Design rally, and really liked the park.
  • Haloview Camera
    Thanks Ray, yes im going to try the 5x plan and see what happens. :smile:
  • Haloview Camera
    Thanks Ray, think I'm going to pull the trigger on this.
    You have a go-to cleaner like Happy Camper, etc?
    Wanted to try the extreme version of it but it's not available.
  • Haloview Camera
    having trouble with tank sensors, completely unreliable, tried several different cleaning methods with no change.
    I read where one guy had his tanks professionally cleaned, said it worked very well, has anybody tried this?

    Another guy installed an inline flow meter leaving the fresh water tank, gives him a rough idea of how much is in the black & grey tanks. Thoughts?

  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Great Basin Bristlecone pines, near Big Pine, CA, oldest non-clonal species on the planet.
    Death Valley
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Field of Lights Paso Robles, CA
    IMG_9320 (471K)
  • Haloview Camera
    You guys are geniuses, antenna connection at the camera didnt have any rust, but I sprayed both sides with contact cleaner anyway.
    Camera worked fine, never froze once on a 5 day trip.
    Many thanks! :)
  • Hello from the Prairies
    welcome aboard!
  • Haloview Camera
    Thanks I will check for corrosion, might be it.
    It freezes for 1-2 minutes, live for 30 secs, then repeats.
    I’ll try moving it, good idea.
  • Driveway Surfing at my Sisters Place
    That’s greet news Ray. Hope we can meet up in the Alabama Hills next year.
    They had a rough time during covid, lots of idiots really trashed it, so bad the BLM closed it for awhile.
    Back open now, hopefully folks will be better stewards.
  • Kitchen Grey tank
    Looking at the Rhino Blaster Pro, w/Gate Valve, seems like it might do a better job of cleaning the tanks. We already have the gate valve that allows us to equalize the tanks, it would stay open using the rhino blaster.

    Has anyone tried it?

  • Kitchen Grey tank
    I tried the vinegar Calgon treatment and it didn’t work either.

    Has anyone tried a borescope to get a look at the sensors?

  • softstart
    Thanks to the rest of you guys as well, we also have the Honda 2000 and spend some time at altitude.

  • softstart
    Wow, thanks Lisa, sure looks worth looking into.
    Can you give me a rough cost on them?
    Remote control thermostat sounds great as well.


  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Figured you'd recognize the mountain.:)
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Ventura Harbor
    Cowgirls gathering cattle in Lone Pine