• RV Surge Protectors
    The best surge protector is not a surge protector but and EMS (energy management system) box amd the cream of the crop is the Progressive Industries. They come in 2-flavors, a plug in at the pedestal style & hard wire unit that resides in your RV, for both 30 Amp & 50 Amp. The difference between a surge protector and an EMS, is the surge protector typically only protect against a large surge in current, a good thing for sure, while an EMS does that and also will shut down power to your rig if their is a fault or if power available falls below a certain threshold. My preference is for the hard wired, as it is one less thing to loose or have to deal with.
  • RIP Angie You are Missed!
    Always enjoyed seeing Angie in your videos, I can only imagine how much you miss her.
  • Solar anybody
    I am working on my third solar install as we just purchased our new 5th wheel. We had 3-100 Ah Battle Borne lithium batteries in our previous rig and will be adding 4 more in the next week or so for a total of 700 Ah. I have on order the Victron battery monitor which I will be installing at the same time I install our batteries. I am leaning towards a Victron MPPT charge controller and somewhere between 900 & 1100 watts of solar using high voltage panels, just have not decided on which ones yet. For an inverter, I was considering the Magnum Energy Hybrid 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter, but I am now leaning towards the Victron MultiPlus 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter, simply because the Victron allows for customized charging settings, so I can match the settings Battle Born indicates. This will be beneficial when plugged in to shore power.
  • A little about us and our rig
    Hi, We are Bruce & Lin An and travel full time with our two Akitas, Kenji & Suki. Lin An is currently working as a travel nurse. We just recently traded our Eagle Cap 1165 3-slide truck camper in for a 35' Grand Design Solitude 310GK-R. Our truck is a 2015 Ram 3500 CC, Big Horn, DRW. Aisin tranny.
    The inserted photo is at the dealer when we were preparing to leave. 7psuxdjkb3zhlz5v.jpg