• Okanagan Tribute Class B RV Updates
    Yes and no ... my Transit is the longest and highest model using rear wheel drive only; that still limits where I can go. Ironically, the lift kit is why the new tires are so close to the mud flaps.
  • Okanagan Tribute Class B RV Updates
    Hi Ray, yes, the tires are beefy; the highway wind noise is louder than the tire noise.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    What you don't know is that I took a timelapse of it … and, totally overexposed it; rendering it unusable. Forgot to take a test shot in timelapse mode. The electronic viewfinder is not what the actual shot will look like. My mistake :cry:
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Thunder storm took hours to move through the valley. This is the first I've seen such pink colours in the clouds. Shot from the main campground at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
  • Folding electric bike
    700 mile update on the Lectric XP:

    Lectric XP at 700 Miles
  • Folding electric bike
    Here's a short video of my XP as well as showing some of the fall colours along a trail.

    The main drawback is the weight can be a bit to manage when lifting. Although the seat that Lectric supply with the XP is OK, I upgraded it for a more comfortable ride. This is a fantastic ebike for the cost.

    Lectric XP Trail ride starts at 2:04
    Hi Ray, Canada has two other structures in either Provincial or National Parks … the older "Yurt" and the newer "oTENTik." Both provide BBQs and picnic tables at the sites.

  • Folding electric bike
    Hi, I was able to get 27 mph today on a flat, dirt road. Tires were at 20 lbs. Awesome bike. Set back to the original speed … to comply with Canadian law; I was curious if Lectric had to reprogram it for Canada (like they did the lock out for 35 mph). Yes, the original pre-Prod XPs were capable of 35 mph; at that speed, many States & Canada would require insurance, registration and plates.

    All components were fine, nothing loose, including the pedals.
  • Battery discussion
    Hi Eddie …
    "Poor Pippi drank just as much coolaid and simply doesn't realize what a disservice her video is doing." That's a bit snide, if you just said that the content in that video was off it would not be "Slinging mud"Eddie Aileen
    . You do know what "drinking coolaid" represents? Someone blindly following without question. A definite disservice to her viewers. Pippi never questioned the "facts" being spewed forth by her "expert."

    I kinda know that LiFePo4 Lithium batteries are what "We" put in "Some" RV's. I may have installed one or two of those?Eddie Aileen
    Well, a lot of Pippi's viewers sure didn't and still don't if they haven't revisited the video.

    One of the largest, and most overlooked, limitations on LiFePO4 batteries is temperature. Many cannot put their battery bank within the heated/cooled area of the coach. I do know of a fulltiming couple with a 5th wheel that had to switch back to AGM's from LiFePO4 batteries because of this reason. They did not want to have all of the extra tech to keep them warm/cool.Eddie Aileen
    When was this and who? You are aware they do sell LiFePO4 batteries that no longer have this limitation right? Because I sure do.

    I will say I would take a top of the line lead acid wet-cell over a Lithium no name battery.Eddie Aileen
    So would I.

    Yes, I remember what it's all about … not using your YouTube influence to lead your viewers astray.

    BTW, those carbon foam batteries do sound interesting … start a post on them if you are so inclined.

    Cheers, Steve
  • Battery discussion
    Absolutely nothing wrong with what you're using - I've never stated in any forum that lead acid/AGM battery systems are bad, not once.

    Note that this is an RV forum and my comments will always be from that perspective.

    However, the OP's post of the video link … lots wrong with the content in that video. Pippi has done a disservice to her viewers by not doing proper research and seeking out both sides. When she doesn't, and, publicly posts such biased one-sided drivel, she gets corrected, by me and others. She sought out one person's opinion. Based on his business model - of course, he'll state outdated facts, misinformation, etc. What do I know? I'm an Electronic Engineering Technologist that worked for Saft Batteries … a company that has been around for over 100 years - much longer than the so-called expert Pippi interviewed.

    In RVs, LiFePo4 Lithium batteries are used. For us RVers, when we mention Lithiums, LiFePO4 is what we refer to, not Lithium Ion. Again, shows how out of touch and biased the "video expert" being interviewed is. He talks about safety … again, conveniently neglecting the thousands of people injured/killed by lead acid batteries exploding! Don't believe me? Just look it up, the true facts are not hiding … Pippi didn't do that.

    Nice girls make mistakes; she truly doesn't know anything about Lithiums and I stand by that comment! That's not mud slinging, that's a fact. Now, many of her viewers think Lithiums are bad and dangerous to use. Far from reality.

    We all make decisions on what we can/can't afford. My Lithiums can charge faster, use a smaller solar setup, allow me to do boondocking comfortably and still be able to charge my eBike. But, these same Lithiums are now in their 2nd RV. Wonder how many RVers swap over their AGM battery banks when they buy another RV?? Again, something the "expert" never talks about. If you change out a battery before it's time, the cost effectiveness goes down. I bet you want to get the most out of your off-grid batteries, don't you? Would I use AGMs in an off-grid setup over Lithiums? - of course I would.

    I am not aware of a single person that had AGMs, replaced them with LiFePO4 batteries and went back to AGMs … speaks volumes about the viability and safety of LiFePO4 batteries.

    Anyone reading this that wants to learn about solar and Lithium batteries, this is the channel to use - he does his research and tells it like it is:

    Will Prowse

    Cheers, Steve
  • Folding electric bike
    Finally … ordered the XP back in June. Should receive it by this Friday. :smile: They had quite the process to sort out with Canada Customs before they could ship it out. Edit: It came a day early and was able to take it for a short spin … awesome ebike!
  • Battery discussion
    Clearly, the "expert" hasn't bothered to keep up with the times. Shhhhh … we mustn't let Ray view the video … he'll want to get rid of his brand new Lithium Ion batteries and go back to his AGM battery bank. But, if Ray does that, he'll be the first one in history to have done it. Poor Pippi drank just as much coolaid and simply doesn't realize what a disservice her video is doing.
  • Battery discussion
    Not really, she is discussing out of date technology. No one in RVs uses Lithium Ion, we are using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which are far safer than Lithium Ion. Will Prowse is the best resource that has excellent videos on Solar and battery technologies. Pippi Petersen just doesn't know … plain and simple.

    Will Prowes's Channel ... Enjoy
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Hi Ray, I see no information in the plan details that exclude using the phone as a hotspot. It does exclude a direct cell connection to a tablet, which is handled under a different plan. I had a similar plan in which I used my phone as a hotspot for my laptop without any issues.
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Hi, an update, and good news, is for us Canadians doing roaming into the US. Rogers just introduced new unlimited data plans; some of them include US-Canada roaming. Plans include 10G, 20G and 50G guaranteed tiers that slow access once you reach the tier level subscribed to. Key is, these plans, are less expensive, offer better data rates and eliminate all overage fees, and include unlimited text/voice/video while roaming in either country.

    I changed my plan 2 days ago for a US-Canada 20 G subscription. Compared to my original Rogers plan,when in Canada, I will save $15 Cdn/ mo. Roaming in the US, while snow birding, will save me over $130 Cdn/mo. - that is significant savings. Does not include roaming in Mexico.

    The last time I looked at Google FI, the concept was good but wasn't available in Canada. Appears they have partnered with Bell Canada and could be feasible for the OP. Good suggestion.
  • Old school van camping
    Hi Ray, I still see these camper vans on the road occasionally. Spoke with a person at Fortuna Pond that had a nice one … think he said it was from '86.
  • Old school van camping
    After about 25 years of tent camping, I finally got an A-liner Scout model. No battery, no tanks, no sink, no heater, no vent fan… and the list goes on. It was only 900 lbs and easy to tow, got me up off the cold ground, had an interior height of over 9', 30-45 secs to setup and had insulation in the walls and roof. Perfect at the overflow camping at Jasper National Park. I carried over a lot of my tent camping equipment including, a wash basin, propane heater, propane water heater (Coleman), portable propane stove. You can see the water heater sitting on the picnic table (has the cover on it though).


    Then I saw a deal I couldn't refuse … a used Great West Vans Supreme Classic with fresh/black/grey tanks, rear wet-bath with flushing toilet, stand up shower and little sink, propane stove top, hot water, furnace, kitchen sink, air conditioner and the buying feature, for me, was a slide out for the dinette/bed. The upper section expanded into a 2nd bed for kids too (I used it for storage).


    Now I have the 2018 Okanagan Tribute built on a 2017 Ford Transit.
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Yikes, zoomerwireless is expensive. Look at the plans. They hook you with the 3GB for $36/mo but look at the details, the plan only shows 500MB for data if you go to the order page. And, states, the advertised price is only an estimate. Travel Packages are expensive too. Very misleading.

    Even if the 3GB information was accurate, it really isn't much data. A few attachments in emails and your done. Wonder how much they charge in overage fees too? It all adds up to an expensive endeavour - not what the OP is looking for.

    Costco is a touch better but have plans at the same cost that I currently pay with Rogers. Fido seems to have less expensive but may be limited in where they offer service. Again, not what the OP is looking for.
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    I see that no one has yet been able to find an inexpensive and viable cellular data plan for 1 phone let alone 3 plus an iPad (as per the OP's request).

    Considering Canadians pay one of the highest rates for mobile Internet services in the world, I would find it surprising that anyone, from outside the country, can pay less than a Canadian does. Why? Because, all third party Telcos must partner and use the expensive Canadian services.

    To MJ John's suggestion to use Iridium Go and/or SPOT Gen 3 sateilite communicators, these are not inexpensive solutions. You need to buy the satellite communicator and the data plan. They are viable if you want the ability to communicate. I use a Garmin InReach two-way text satellite communicator but was willing to pay for the device and plan. Satellite communications have limitations too, depending on weather and terrain, so not always effective.
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Do you know what your monthly data usage is? How much do you pay AT&T if you go over the 8GB? To get these rates, do you need an existing, pre-qualifying AT&T plan? These are keys to figuring out if this is a good deal or not. BTW, I could not find this deal on the AT&T website. Cheers, Steve