• OEM Bathroom Fan Upgrade
    I did the same on my new Cougar in the bathroom. I went with the Vortex II, 3 fwd sowed and 2 reverse speed. Not too sure of the reverse ones though, being do close to the black tank vent pipe on the roof...

    I also installed a remote wall plate switch, since mine only operated with the push button on the fan itself and my wife is 4'11" on a good day.... Got it from ebay for $13 USD
  • Folding electric bike
    A suggestion. You could have looked at Voltbike, based in BC.

    Dynamic owner, good bikes and pricing.

  • Looking for a good deal on a 100 portable solar panel
    Ended up fixing my old one... I just needed to replaced the diodes. Works fine now.

    I only use it to keep batteries topped up when I'm storage.

  • Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Toilet Seal
    Mine had the same symptoms, was 6 years old, parts delivery was going to take a few days, dealer made me s sweet deal on a whole new throne, under $125

    Took 15 minutes to replace.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Hum, let me think $400 for 4 GC2, or $3,000 for 3 new High Tech batteries.

    No brainer for me. I'll be 6 ft under when they're affordable
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    I'm in Canada, and most quality TPMS system here are in the $300 to $400 range. That is a lot money, and I am simply not ready to pay that much to monitor my tire pressure.

    Been RVing for 10+ years and I check my tire pressure often, touch wood, and never any pressure related problems.

    Maybe one day, they will be standard equipment.
  • Haloview Backup Camera
    Same here, I get 2 to 3 bars. Picture is of high quality.

    So I do like I do for my black tank sensors. I ignore the bars..
  • questions for full timers
    I'm sure your Sabre will do well. We had a 2010 that we just traded in this week for r a new Cougar.

    We've traveled extensively from Toronto to the West coast a few times, in a caravan of 24 RV's to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. We loved every minutes. No major issue whatsoever.

    Re your water tank, I never ever traveled with lots of water, knowing too well and having seen how those tanks are attached to the frame...

    We spent the last 2 winters in Texas, for 3 months. No problems.

    So you had disc brakes installed... Wow that must make a big difference.

    Good tires is important, tire pressure even more.

    You'll do fine. Thumbs up.
  • Haloview Wireless RV Rear View Camera Review
    Just finished installing my MC5111 on my 2019, new 31 foot Cougar, which is pre-wired for such a camera. Really it's a bracket and power lead... Nothing more.

    I used the Furrion Bracket, the flat one.

    Piece of cake to install, literally plug and play.

    Looks fantastic and the image on the display is crisp and clear.

    I have a Ford F250 and did not want that big screen, the 5 inch is ideal.

    Going on a long trip soon, will report back on performance, but initial report is impressive, for half the cost of the Furrion model, well at least in Canada.