• Wyoming!
    Greg, we love Wyoming, too. But on our terms. There is a reason so few people live in Wyoming, despite its natural wonders. The winters and the wind can be brutal. That being said, we spent a couple of weeks there last February which included camping in Yellowstone (we have a four season capable rig) and we’ll be back in mid-October to trace the Oregon Trail.
  • Health Insurance
    Greg, be careful what you wish for. A universal system like Canada’s only serves to give the same low bar of medical care to everybody. Excellent care is hard to find with universal coverage and lines for specialized treatment are long. That’s why so many Canadians come down to the states for cancer treatment.

    Dunno about you but I’m a big believer in the free market system. I honestly think you are in the sweet spot for insurance...a catastrophic plan. You get to shop and select the doctors you want and you negotiate the price you pay, while the downside of a catastrophic medical misadventure is covered by insurance.
  • RV Foam Mattress Review - Thomas Payne from LCI
    You don’t have to settle for an over the counter mattress! The queen sized mattress that came with our RV really sucked. So we started looking for an RV specific mattress maker.

    Luckily we live in San Diego and are blessed with the Hernandez Brothers who own Mattress Makers. Not only do they make their own mattresses but they specialized in boats and RVs. Their showroom is very tidy and clean but it’s not in a shopping center. It’s tucked into a corner of an industrial park. There they have all of their various mattresses for you to try. It’s very low key, there’s no pressure.

    The wife and I like different firmnesses, so they made two singles for us and we cover them with queen sheets. Since the bed platform is oddly shaped, the head of the bed has cut corners, Pablo took a roll of butcher paper and literally made a jig of our bed platform. A week later we had our awesome mattresses.

    If you hate your mattress don’t give up and don’t necessarily settle for chain stores. Do your research, if you live near a custom RV or boat mattress maker, stop by and check out what they offer. You won’t be disappointed. And if you’re passing through San Diego anytime in the future, check out Mattress Makers.
  • LCI Flow Max Stainless Faucet Install + New Sink
    I also have an LCI kitchen spigot in my truck. FYI, the little handle is threaded and has a bad habit of backing out. I put a little teflon tape on the threads to hold it in place. If you lose that little handle down the sink drain....you will have quite a job on your hands trying to find it.
  • Baptism by Fire
    Nice backing job Greg F and RVSolar, I was so impressed by your 1,000 watts of solar power on the roof that I didn’t even notice you were stuck!!
  • Cougar Fifth wheel front cap de-oxidizing?
    Annnnnd RVsolar posts a photo that makes me want to grab my camera, get in my rig, and go CAMPING!!!
  • Happy 4th of July!
    And a happy Canada Day to our “cousins” up north.

    In my case, literally cousins. My ancestors came to Canada from Scotland pre-WWI, then moved west with relatives settling across the plains in Regina, Moose Jaw, and Vancouver. My grandmother married an American, moved to Southern California, and the rest is history.

    While my recent roots are Scottish and Canadian, I’m 100% proud to be an American where we still have the right of free speech, the right to self defense, and the right to practice our own religion unmolested by the damned government. (I’ll get off my soap box now)
  • Jack-It Bicycle Rack
    Also check out what ISI in Australia has to offer. In my opinion, ISI is the leader in bike rack innovation. And they only use Australian components and steel, not Chinese.

    I run a Fuso cab over 4x4 camper and need my two bikes to ride high enough to preserve my departure angle, but the bikes also need to be really stable. Did you notice the bikes bouncing back and forth in the Lippert video? That bouncing will eventually lead to failure of the bike rack.

    Check out ISI. Their customer service is the best. I ordered on a Wednesday and received my rack in the US from Australia the following Monday. I don’t know how they did it, but they are the best. Nope, not the cheapest, but the best.

  • Lithium RV Battery DEEP FREEZE Test
    Being avid winter campers in a winterized rig, this is one reason I will never go lithium. I know my AGMs can handle the cold and heat. The system is built big enough to handle my needs (540AH) and it’s dependable. Since I rely on solar and DC to DC to charge my batteries, the loss of power and the inability to recharge the batteries on a really cold Yellowstone day would be a deal breaker, thus the good old fashioned lead acid batteries are staying put.
  • Our 14 Day Quarantine Over - How is everyone doing?
    Ray, I agree the virus is bad but is the reaction by our politicians and health officials the cure that kills the patient by 1,000 cuts?

    Could we have done something different and less costly to both budgets and civil liberties? Is there a reasonably safe space between doing nothing and shutting everything down?
  • Our 14 Day Quarantine Over - How is everyone doing?
    I’ll go against the grain and be the skunk at the picnic. 1,700 cases here in a county of 3.5 million. We are locked down hard, no fishing, no boating, no parks are open, no beaches open, no trails open, no schools open, USFS has closed all trailheads and campgrounds. Businesses going bankrupt, lots of people out of work.

    Could we have controlled this thing if we had simply masked up early, went into hyper clean mode, and practices social distancing without going so overboard? I’m getting the feeling that we burned down the house just to kill a spider.
  • Last day of the trip
    When you say “they” own it, as in the government, isn’t it really Canadian citizens that own it?
  • Last day of the trip
    Hey Ray, thanks for leaving the United States green....with your money! Lord knows I’ve left plenty of my own north of the border over the past 35 years.

    Y’all are welcome back in the fall.
  • You Know You've Been Boondocking for a Long Time When ...
    -Realizing that I’m rinsing dishes in the sink at home with the tap set on dribble to conserve water!
    -Thinking....”Why do we need an automatic dishwasher at home?”
    -Finding it strange that I change my clothes every day at home because when we boondock, we wear our clothes for two days.
    -Can’t find my wife in our king sized bed, she’s three feet away! In the RV we’re snuggle-close in a twin.
    -Feeling guilty about how much electricity we use at home, thinking that yes, we could probably power our house with solar panels and batteries because we do it while boondocking.
    -Gosh if I only had a separate grey water system at home so I can water the lawn and garden without using drinking (tap) water.
    -And finally, only buying the groceries we need and efficiently stacking them in the home refrigerator to maximize space just like we’re boondocking!

    What boondocking has really taught us is that we are terribly wasteful when we’re at home. We’re more mindful of what we buy now and what we consume because of our boondocking experiences. We take more time to enjoy things such as books, friends and the outdoors. For sure the TV at home Is much much less important than it used to be...especially the news media.
  • Inspect your tank brackets!
    If you can’t gain access to the back side of your frame, think about going with a Rivnut. A Rivnut is an internally threaded fastener, a tubular rivet with internal threads. You simply drill an oversized hole, insert the Rivnut, then use a tool to expand the back side of the Rivnut’s body to fill the hole and give you what is essentially a permanently mounted nut.

    The body of my RV is foam core fiberglas. I installed airline seat brackets in my storage area to secure loads. I simply drilled through the inside fiberglas layer, inserted a Rivnut, then expanded the backside of the nut with a tool. I then had a stainless steel threaded “bolt” imbedded in the skin of my RV to which I bolted the aircraft seat track. That way my spring loaded tie downs can be moved about the track as needed.

    Check YouTube, there are a bunch of videos that explain how to use them.
  • Air leveling system on 20 Ram
    20,000 miles??? Dang, I swear you just bought that truck just last week.

    Time flys, unfortunately.
  • Charge Controller/Inverter-Charger/Monitor Brands
    Logan X, god bless you for using a quiet Honda generator. There are too many construction grade generators out there that shatter the tranquility of the forest campground. The noisy generator is almost worse than having a bunch of drunks camped next door. Go ahead and make the cost argument, but it doesn’t hold water. If you use a construction grade noisy generator, your both cheap and inconsiderate. So Logan X, you da man! Thanks.

    As far as charge controllers and battery system monitors, I’d encourage folks to buy something that integrates functions. One screen that you can scroll through sure beats two or three screens from different manufactures that cutter up your rig.
  • Battery charging
    And don’t forget, if you’re charging and you get a crazy high amp hour number that’s not normal, check your battery connections! A lose terminal will create resistance in the charging system. You’ll over work your generator, your batteries won’t be fully charged and you could start to cook wires!
  • Painted Rocks Petroglyth and Obilby Road BLMs
    Painted Rocks is handy if you’re headed to or from San Diego on I-8. So is Saddleback just outside of Phoenix if you’re on I-10. Both areas have lots of room to maneuver.
  • Thought this might interest you and others
    This sort of gizmo targeted at campers has me laughing. Maybe I’m *too old*?

    The idea that you need this battery/inverter to make coffee or charge your electronics is silly. Camping should be an experience where you enjoy the outdoors. Need coffee? Brew it over a fire. Need your cell phone? Well, maybe you shouldn’t?

    Now if you are camper-based and need more power, instead of buying a UPS or a real generator, how about investing that money in a proper solar system that doesn’t need gasoline or diesel to charge your battery?