• RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!
    One more excellent video, Ray. Makes me ponder checking ours and adding some straps if needed. Thanks!
  • which shorter fifth wheel would you purchase
    Check out Arctic Fox 27-5L made by Northwood Mfg in LaGrande, OR. The length is just under 30’. Definitely not a lightweight trailer as ours has a max weight of 13,400 lbs. we’ve had ours four years and they are well made from the frames up. Like most RV makers, they aren’t perfect and have had a minor issues. We downsized from a longer fifth wheel and never regretted it. Keystone Cougar May still have a similar plan.
  • Do you have secret compartments in your RV?
    In pass through of our fifth wheel is an area that was partitioned off that was used for hiding the ABS drain lines and some let waterlines. When I was installing the solar on our rig it was where I was bringing the wires from the commoner box on the roof. I had planned to double the batteries from 2-4 6v batteries. A light bulb went off in the old brain, this was a good area to locate the batteries. Once done I took some hinges I had on hand, trimmed down the door so it would open without dragging and added a hook and eye to keep it closed. Now the old battery compartment is used for things like chocks, etc for setting up.
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Wow, I agree the shot of the Heron is an amazing one, not your usual shot.
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Just caught up on this thread. Bummer for Anne, I confirmed I’m not as young as I used to with dealing with a sciatica issue last spring/early summer.

    Tell Anne, a friend who loves photography has a really large zoom lense she calls her Bazooka. A tripod is a must as it’s a pretty heavy lense.
  • Hurricane Preparation and wonderful neighbours
    What’s not to love about this story, as Ray said still good people and nice to hear when so much cruddy is out there.
  • Awning cleaner
    Looks like what I’ve used, warning it has some bleach in it so wear cloths you don’t mind being splotchy. First thing I do is open a beer, set it aside so you don’t get any cleaner in the beer. Extend the awning, spray the underside of the awning and retract it. Grab the beer and only drink half, then set it aside. Extend the awning, rinse both sides, scrub with a stiff brush any spots still left, then do a final rinse.

    Since this is a one beer project you can now finish the beer...
  • Photo shot in the moonlight
    Another one of those cars as a kid I thought was pretty ugly but now is very cool!
  • Yum, Blackberries
    Thought about this post yesterday. We visited friends since one had a hip replacement about a week go. We were served blackberry pie, Linda proved whe picked them showing us the scratches she got doing that...
  • Nice Surprise
    I’ve found Progressive to be very responsive and with outstanding service. In our fifth wheel I changed from 30 to 50 amp so also needed to change the Progressive EMS. IN PULLING THE 30 amp unit I damaged one of the rings the wire goes through, had it sold to a buddy so needed to fix it. I called Progressive inquiring into buying the part (easily seen as replaceable). They sent me the part and instructions free of charge and paid for shipping as well
  • Rotted RV Slide Out Floor Repair
    I was wondering also about sealing the seam and like your thought on what you intend to use.

    Nice work on making it better than new.
  • Analog to Digital RV Thermostat Upgrade Mod *Explained*
    Good info and video, Ray. One of the best thing I noticed is the Hunter has a backlit LED. The digital Coleman Mach T-Stat we have in ours doesn’t so this might be a future project. When running wiring for solar I had ours removed so know there is a large hole in the wall. Would you mind posting the overall dimensions of the Hunter T Stat you just installed.
  • Secure Your Propane Tanks
    With the dual tanks I have I removed the clamp that holds both tanks, drilled a hole large enough to slide through both holes a long shank MasterLock I had on hand. One back together the pad lock is slid through the clamp with one wing from the large wing nut locked. Total cost since I had the lock about 15 minutes time.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Does your Fifth Wheel have a walled off compartment for plumbing under the bathroom you can get to. Mine does which is where I located AGM Batteries when expanding the battery bank for our solar. For your set up with all the electronic in the front bay it might be easier to insulate it a bit and run a small duct from the closet furnace duct line.
  • How to back up a trailer MADE SIMPLE
    I agree with the ST tires. We have the smallest Arctic Fox trailers and haven’t fount an LT tire that doesn’t lower the load capacity of the OEM tires. Those I ran two years, then up graded to. G rated steel belted radial tire.
  • Oxidation Remover
    Very nice!
  • Replacement Mattress for Sofa Sleeper
    we found a 1” memory topper for the bed in our fifth wheel. It sits a bit higher than normal from the storage below and didn’t want to add the height of a 2” topper. It has worked well for us and might fold up easier than a 2” topper
  • How about some current Garmin GPS 770 user comments, please...
    We’ve had our Garmin 770RV for a few years and are happy with what it does. I like that I can use it for the truck and fifth wheel, then simply change it to “auto” when not with the fifth wheel. Even took it on a flight to FL when we would be in a rental car

    For the RV side of things it lets you put in data on the type, size, propane, etc to give you warnings of things like low clearances. As all GPS navigation, whether a factory unit , phone or portable, the most important thing is to not totally trust it.
  • Trip Planning

    Milo, a couple things to help on the low clearance issues. I’ve got an App (I didn’t want the printed version) for Mountain West and East directory. It gives some good road info both in clearances and percentage of grades. There are also some Trucker Directories one can get.

    My main thing I use is the Garmin 770RV gps. It has two modes, Car and RV. In RV you can set up the information of the type of RV, dimensions, propane, etc. it will give you warnings if you get to low clearances, speed changes, curves, etc. one of the things I really like is which lane to be in on an interstate in a congested area when traveling through.