• Simple to Install Exterior Window Shades for a Cool RV
    Great product. I have a rear window configuration like yours and the Texas sun can overwhelm the ac. This product helps. I have one suggestion and an observation. The suggestion is to put a dab of superglue on the pen where the two piece snap fastens together on the screen. The observation is that I’ve driven over 7,000 miles with my rear screen attached and never has a snap come lose. I have successfully driven with the side screens attached but not sure I want to make a habit of it.
  • Problems with Renogy 20amp DC-DC Charger.
    Perfect timing of this thread. I also have a 20 amp Renogy that’s not working. I’ll do the same test. I’m on my way to Alaska and want it working for those extended rainy days

    As for Drew’s question, we’re told the dc to dc charger is easier on the alternator and will provide the proper charging curve for batteries. I have 3 methods of charging my batteries when not hooked up to shore power, which is most of the time for us. In order of preference, solar, dc to dc, and generator. Most of the time solar is sufficient and I hate running a generator in a campground. On extended cloudy days, it’s a good option for charging batteries while traveling between campgrounds. I don’t need it most of the time but for $100, it’s the cheapest backup.
  • Sun screen question
    Thanks Ray. Based on your experience, I ordered it.
  • Cutting the underbelly
    Thanks sounds straight forward
  • Grey tank level indicator
    Thanks for the advice. I'm having the same issue.