• Hanging items on interior RV wall
    Hey, everybody! Thanks for the suggestions which led me to decide using a Hollow Door Anchor & it worked like a charm. I made a small wooden wedge for the back so the weather station stays firmly in place while underway.
    (On a related note, The picture above is a little box frame from a Dollar Store. I put a pic I like in, (It’s actually a napkin....coolest ever!), then jerry-rigged it to easily remove & fit perfectly over the display before bed. Even at its lowest setting, the light from the display annoyingly flooded the whole rig. Problem solved!)

  • Frig needs fan
    We just got one of these little battery operated fans.
    Valterra A10-2606 FridgeCool 11.28 mA Fan with On/Off Switch
    Inexpensive does the job, very small, & batteries,st a long time. Food doesn’t freeze on top shelf anymore.
    [img]http://Valterra A10-2606 FridgeCool 11.28 mA Fan with On/Off Switch[/img]
  • R.V. Inexpensive Weather Station
    Our weather station sensor is the size of a TV remote. We just zap strapped it face down to the bottom of the top ladder rail at the back of our Itasca Class C. Works great!
  • RVing with Cats Tips
    Campground Reviews published this today. Some useful RVing cat tips....
  • RVing with Cats Tips
    Wow! That's amazing. Wish we had room in our cream puff 1997 29' Class C Spirit. We love it, but a downside of this model is the very limited basement space.
  • RVing with Cats Tips
    Same here. Our two hate the traveling. They hide under our bed pillows when underway. But once we set up, they're quite happy wandering around the RV & display relaxed, at-home behaviours. The window Class C's overhead cab area, which is their cozy domain, is their favourite nighttime TV show.