• Sanitize The Fresh Water System in your RV
    Very good write up.
    I will remember that when it's time to sanitize the system.
    Steve T
  • DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    Not sure it's as big an issue getting old DEF at the pumps but I would carry a small bottle to put some in and test before pumping in my tank. If it test good dump in tank and proceed to fill tank.
    I will be trying that out here soon since I noticed the station near me sells DEF for $1.00 / gal.
    Much cheaper then Walmart.
  • DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    I just purchased a DEF tester and test the bottle before I put it the tank. That way you know you have fresh DEF.
  • Vortex Generators
    The commercial product AirTabs are double back tape or peel and stick.
    Since I printed mine I used a quarter inch square piece of double back tape in the center to hold them in place and a very thin layer of clear silicone for the permanent mount. They are stuck well. You could do double back on the whole mount but I was looking at making it quick and easy.
    I did clean the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol beforehand.
  • Vortex Generators
    Randy I put them on last year in Bullhead Az just before we started our trip back North. The day we left it was windy and I was dreading the drive but was really surprised at the difference it made. Since the trip home to the PNW we have made a trip to Alaska and back to Az. Still amazed how well they work on this MH.
  • First time at Quartzsite ... where exactly do I stay?
    Lisa head East on Plomasa rd for about1 mile and turn to the North off it.
    If you want to get off the paved road aways you can cross the small wash and it opens up to many possibilities. We do it every year on a class A diesel pusher that weighs in at 30,000lbs.
    Hard packed gravel so no issues.
    Safe travels...