• Snowbird Trip Update - Overview of the Campsites Dec 2021 - Feb 2022
    Thanks for sharing the pins/links. We will check out more of these next year. Of all these we only stayed at Ogilby Rd (a.k.a. American Girl Mine?) We are now traveling eastward to go back to NS. Brrrrr.
  • Aolithium 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Demo & Review
    Issues have been settled with AOLithium. I would love to send you the email thread we had going with them. Is that possible and/or are you interested? If so, how do I go about sending it to you?
  • Aolithium 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Demo & Review
    Thanks Ray for the quick reply! That is the email that we did use to contact them, and yes, we will keep you posted. P.S. I love being out here in the desert; thanks for being an inspiration.
  • Aolithium 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Demo & Review
    I am unable to watch the video so I have a question. Did you have to wake up the battery when you received it? Was there any charge/voltage readout before you did anything with it? Ours seems to be "dead". Contacted the company and waiting to hear back.
  • Waste Tank Chemicals and Deodorants Poll
    We've used Happy Campers product for the past, almost, 2 years in our stationary 5th wheel. I like the no-smell and no-scent results. We also use it in our truck camper. I've recently discovered that the price on Amazon Canada has greatly increased and that the Canadian supplier from Alberta no longer is a dealer. They are selling and packaging their own label product now. Has anyone tried it? It's called Classic Campers.
  • weather stripping repair
    Thanks Ray! Thats exactly what we ended up getting. We just have to wait for some warmer water to apply it. Too cold here on the east coast yet. :(
  • Energizer 3200W Inverter Generator
    I watched this review and you say you will likely go back to using your champions. Do you take both with you or just the one? Do you seldom use the generator for AC when south? I understand you are hooked to 30Amp shore power during the summer months. Would you ever consider a duel fuel generator so that you wouldn't have to carry stinky gas cans?
  • New tow vehicle
    Congrats on the truck. We just bit the bullet on buying our first ever truck. A fairly used unit was the only thing in the budget for us. A 2500 Ram 6.4L gaser; I know $$$ down the gas tank and we have only ever driven small fuel efficient vehicles. But we are excited to get started full-timing in our 2010 Cougar and our 2014 Ram.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Towing Tips for Newbies
    Thanks Ray. I had seen that they were available for order online through tire-easy. The closest Fountaintire shop is just outside of Toronto - thats a bit of a drive!. I had not come across Quattro so I will check their prices as well as shipping costs. Thanks for the links.
  • questions for full timers
    We just bought a 2010 Cougar 245 RKS. What did you tow your 2009 with?
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Towing Tips for Newbies
    Are the Goodyear Endurance tires only available in the US? I have been searching the web everywhere for a Canadian retailer.
  • Energizer 3200W Inverter Generator
    After doing some (limited) research and price comparison, would the Champion 3100W (no remote or electric start) be a frugal buy at $899 Costco or would you recommend something with remote/electric start? What are your thoughts on Firman?