• OTRGrumpyman
    On July 7 I started traveling again. I went through Navada on my way to see my sister in Oregon.
    Had a blowout in Goldfield, NV. Was no place to buy a replacement. So I placed the spare tire on and went to Tonopah, NV. Well would't you know it no place to buy one locally. So I got a RV space and left the RV there and had to drive to Reno, NV to purchase a tire. Once I arrived at my sisters I did a more thorough inspection of all the tires on the RV. Ended up ordering 4 tires from Walmart.com . I went with the Sailun S635 trailer tires. Took two weeks to arrive. Used the tire I purchased in Reno, NV for the spare (Goodyear Endurance) to replace my old spare tire. Now I'm in Montana checking out Glacier National Park. Want to head down to the Grand Teton's area and check them out.
  • Lorraine
    Nice to be back on the road and glad all went “relatively” well with your blowout experience. Glad you made the choice to fully change out your tires.

    Just a heads up for others: if you have a blowout on one side, it’s recommended to change out both tires on that side because even for the short time the second tire on that side has been carrying all the load, is enough to compromise it.
  • Jack Tyler
    Along with Lorraine's 'heads up', here are a couple more bits of tire info I've learned when digging deeper into blow-out avoidance. Some (most?) trailer manufacturers recommend the maximum inflation pressure the trailer's tire is rated for, likely out of fear the owner will overload the trailer's rated capacity. But if you look up the tire manufacturer's recommended load vs. pressure chart, significantly lower tire pressures are recommended. The lower pressure will provide a more even wear pattern and the tire will provide the trailer with a smoother ride. (Goodyear and Michelin both offer excellent charts across their range of tire products). Also, I have started using a clever little tread depth measurement tool I got at NAPA which makes measuring depths across a tire's width quite quick and very accurate. Far better than using Lincoln's head on a penny. It helps me better anticipate the wear I can expect and only cost $5. It now lives with my pressure gauge and tire pressure sensor tool.
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