• Zenitrame
    I’ve got a question or two concerning trailer tires. Just when should you replace them? Shortly after buying my Keystone, I replaced all four tires with Goodyear Endurance tires. They are only three years old and have maybe 15K miles on them. The tread is still good on them and there is no unusual wear on them. A friend who has been RVing for many years recently told me that I should be changing out my tires every three years-no matter the wear…. But just today I saw a YouTube video by an rv dealership that stated that tires should be changed if they are older than ten years. I can understand that but, does that mean that tires are good for ten years (aside from any obvious need to be replaced sooner)?

    Thank you for all of your input on this!

  • Ray
    I think a general rule of thumb for trailer tires is about 5 years. They are softer than motorhome and vehicles tires.

    Many factors can affect the lifespan like how much it gets used and if it sits for a long period and type of the ground it sits on and ambient temps, UV, and humidity. 3 years may be a good idea for crap tires but for the Goodyear Endurance I'd say that is really erroring on the side of caution, imho
  • Lorraine
    We swapped out the tires that came with out 5th wheel when we bought it in 2011. The tires were already 4 years old on a brand new RV. Since then, and with over about 85,000 miles on the RV, we are on set # 3, which were new March 2020. So 4/5 years regardless of wear as ST tires are built differently than regular driving tires.

    There are other factors as well as those that Ray listed, such as if the tires are or aren’t kept to proper inflation, are not being overloaded weight wise, are not driven at a higher speed than the speed rating for those tires. (Most ST tires have a max speed rating of 65 MPH).

    In a nutshell, tread is irrelevant in a ST tire unless it’s because of odd wear from a bent axle or shot bearings. Age is everything, whether it’s been sitting or travelling.
  • Jack Tyler
    Don't overlook Goodyear's own guidance. I've found their website to offer far more specific professional advice about running our Endurance tires than our trailer manufacturer's advice. https://www.goodyearrvtires.com/default.aspx

    FYI here's one of Goodyear's FAQ: "When should I replace my [RV] tires based on age?"
    "There are many variables that could dictate tire removal/replacement relative to age. Some of the obvious would include: mileage, usage per year, and vehicle storage practices.
    Many RV owners replace tires when the tire manufacturer's standard workmanship and material warranty expires.... If you do not generate many miles per year on your RV tires and store the vehicle out of the sun, your tires will last many, many years."

    Endurance tires when new have a tread depth of 8/32's. I found a $6 NAPA tread depth measuring tool is very helpful in tracking our trailer tire wear. FWIW after ~5,000 miles of towing our 5,700# trailer, I now measure 6/32" on our Endurance tires, with replacement depth being 2/32". But that's just one variable, as noted above.
  • Drew
    Since we're on the subject here's more food for thought:

    Tire expert's opinion
  • Zenitrame
    Thank you all for the great information! Really appreciate it.

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