• Don D
    Using my Kill o watt meter, My space heater draws 826 watts at 110 volts, and pulls 7.60 amps.
    My 3 lionengery lithium batteries have 270 amp hrs. I just want to confirm that the 7.60 amp draw from the space heater is per hr.
    Would I be able to run the space heater for 6 hrs? 7.60 apms X 6 hrs. = 45.6 amps ???
    not sure if my math is correct.
    Thanks Don
  • Don D
    Just checked the batteries WH rating. 1200 per battery = 3600 WH. I will stick with what you said Ray. 4 hours. not bad.
    Do you think its better to run the propane heater instead? Will will be in the camping at the Grand Canyon Nov 1,2,3rd. says low 30

    Thanks Don
  • Ray
    Yes, it will take far less juice to run the RV furnace and helps keep the plumbing and tanks from freezing as well.
  • Don D
    great point. I just finish insulating my water pipes, just to be safe. Even though I'm out west. (Ca)
    I guess I was over thinking, trying to save a little propane. I have a 2004 bounder, so propane should be no problem. Hope to see you two back in the states soon. Thanks again with your help.
    cheers Don
  • George
    Your math is wrong. The 7.6 Amp current is the continuous draw for as long as your heater is running.
    The 828 watts is what is affected by time.
    For easy calculations: Your heater ( my example )is using 800 watts of power. Over a four hour period you have use
    3200 watts or 3.2 Kilowatts. Power used is based voltage (120 VAC) x Current (6.6 Amps) x Time (4 hours). Over 24 hours you'll probably use 800 watts x 24 hours x .8 (duty cycle) for a total of 15.4 KwHr of energy . Duty cycle is the ratio between the time plugged in versus how much it actually is in use.
    Your battery has to be able to supply that 800 watts of power from your 12 volt system. Assuming no loss in converting 12vdc to 120VAC , the battery has to be able to supple 66 amps to run the heater.
    You should be able to run your run the unit thru the inverter from your batteries.
    A 250 AH battery is designed to supple the 250 Amps for a given period (usually 8 hours) before it reaches the lowest manufacture recommended voltage.
    As Ray said if you are away from shore power and running on batteries . The propane furnace is a better option.
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