• Lisa's RV Experience
    Greetings all:
    I have a class A Winnebago, I've replacement my water pump after 2 years with the Shurflo 4008-101-E65 about a year ago. It's already acting up and I am looking for an upgraded pump that has the same connections so I don't have plumbing adjustments.

    Any ideas? I'm find with the 3 gallons/minute rate and the 55psi, I'd just like something that runs a little quieter and smoother.

    Any ideas? I'm attaching a picture of the version I have now from Amazon.com pics.

    Thanks for any help or advise.

  • Jack Tyler
    G' morning, Lisa. We've lived about 15 years on boats, where 12V water pumps are universally used. Your main 3 brand choices are Jabsco, PAR and ShurFlo. The kind of pump you've been using, of any brand, will be noisier than a belt driven design (e.g. offered by PAR) but those are much more expensive and require a bit more real estate, tho' they do also last longer before needing to be rebuilt. I'll let folks with more RV experience than me offer an opinion on model choices. To reduce noise, you'll notice pump manufacturer's provide small (actually, tiny) rubber 'feet' at the mounting points in an attempt to isolate the racket made by the pump. A simple/cheap way to significantly reduce noise is to slip a rubber pad underneath the pump when it is mounted, so as to add to the isolation at the mounting point. Hard and/or thin rubber isn't very helpful, soft/thin rubber is also ineffective. The best I found is 3/8" wetsuit material (e.g. get a scrap from a dive shop that custom makes dive suits) but that might not be feasible for your location. You can big-nose around the hardware stores and see what you can find or you can look for rubber pot holders at a kitchen store. The latter would probably need to be doubled up to be effective.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Thanks Jack, the noise is mostly inside the rig bit I can try your solution too.
  • Drew
    I've been hearing a lot about water pump failures recently. I don't think they are all suddenly failing. I can't remember if Ray has replaced theirs (or maybe just an upgrade). I'm sure theirs gets tons of service.
  • Ray
    I replaced our OEM 3 chamber Flowjet with a 4 chamber Shurflo back in 2015 and it's still working fine. To help to quiet it down I added a soft rubber mat under it and extra hose in loops the input and output and some foam to the inside of the box it's in. https://youtu.be/XuHAAg3O6lg?t=173
  • Drew
    You must have to look at your dc volts to see if it's running.:)
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