• Tuxedoville
    Well, I guess it’s not the worst thing that can happen to an RV owner, but it’s up there.

    A couple weeks ago we took our 30’ 1997 Class C Itasca Spirit to the shop in Langford, BC to repair the dash heater - the air distributor flap had broken & heat (Hubby tried his best to DIY, but it clearly became a mechanic's job.). After taking the whole dash off, we were advised that it would take a few days to get the part. So, they put things back together & moved our beloved "Harvey the RV" in front of the shop to wait.

    Then, at 3am on Tuesday, Oct 19, Harvey was stolen, and we are devastated. Surveillance cameras showed the whole process, but the culprit wore a mask & hoodie, so couldn’t ID while he walked around, smashed the drivers window, "punched" the starter, & drove away hitting the shop's Steel awning with the driver's side overhang. The RCMP have no clues, & it has disappeared off the face of the earth.

    Yes, we have insurance. But, it’s the emotional attachment we’re struggling with. So many cherished & cool things are gone. Things I made, fun things from places we’ll probably never visit again, expensive toys….you know.

    So, the moral of the story is to install more security items on your RV, especially if you have an older model motor home. Locks are not enough.

    FB link. Shares appreciated.
  • Tuxedoville
    Oct 27: FOUND! Recovered thanks to Westshore RCMP out on a big property on Happy Valley, just a few kms from our home. Drove into the woods & apparently pretty abused, modified to disguise, & beat up. Was being lived in. We have yet to view it.

    Lesson Learned: Owners of older motorhomes without an immobilizer should take extra precautions against theft, especially in areas where the housing situation is dire like here in Victoria where house prices & rent is beyond ridiculous. Our beloved cabins on wheels are attractive to ne'er-do-wells who are not deterred by door locks.
  • Ray
    wow, glad they found it but sorry to hear that it got trashed. :( A GPS device might be an idea. For example, I have a Winegard Connect 2 WiFi booster with a 4G option on the roof that can be used to locate the vehicle. The exact position shows up on a map in my online account. So unless they disconnect the battery or are smart enough to turn it off, it will report the position.
    An extra phone left in the rig could do the same using the find my phone feature.
  • Tuxedoville
    Thanks….it’s been quite the emotional ride. We’ve been talking about a hidden kill switch, but will research that WiFi booster, starting with your posts. First up, though…waiting on ICBC to determine if they will repair or write-off. We are not allowed inside until a hazmat team goes through it, which is now standard practice. It’s quite the process.
  • Willie
    A Spot Trace (www.findmespot.com) would work like a charm. Other brands out there to track assets. The problem with a kill switch is that you would disarm it while your rig is at the mechanic’s place.
  • Jack Tyler
    Congratulations (sort of) on Harvey being found, Tuxedoville. I wonder if the overarching lesson from your frightful experience is not how one should best find a stolen RV but rather should one want to. Abused, used and now abandoned, is it an RV that owner would be happy to have back? Like many car owners who face this same issue, I'd rather my new F150 disappear than be told I can come and claim what's left if/when it's found. This doesn't address the emotional loss one feels, I realize...but isn't this an event where the head should speak to the heart?
  • Tuxedoville
    apparently you’ve been speaking with my husband! :)
  • George
    I totally agree.Its better that unit ,truck or car to totally disappear than be found partially destroyed.
  • Tuxedoville
    Update: Well, it’s April, & Harvey is not yet home from the shop. The long delay isn’t because it was trashed (ICBC would have written it off if it was), but because shop's with the skills & resources are few & they are overwhelmed. ICBC sent Harvey to BMT in Sidney, & they’ve been great. Thankfully, the culprits weren’t actually interested in the interior. For the 6 days they had it, someone just concentrated on crudely scraping off the decals. Apparently, the priority of a drug-addled brain. The other damaged was from driving into the bush, with overhead branches. The repairs required were:
    • Repair damage to top corner of overhead cab
    • Replace left metal roof edge strip (had to be custom made by Winnebago)
    • Replace damaged air vents on roof
    • Replace damaged air conditioner cover
    • Repair scraped fibreglass
    • Replace decals (requires custom make)

    We are just waiting for the decals now, so he should be home within a couple weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy shopping for deals to replace stolen items, which were just electronics, linen, & clothing.
    ICBC will cover a max. $2,000 for contents, so hope to keep within that. BTW, ICBC has been stellar throughout this.

    We expect to be on the road in June, heading up to our annual week stay at Living Forest, then heading back east. Yahoo!
  • Ron
    Another option is to put an apple airtag in the RV so you can track its location.
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