• Ray
    In this Part 1 video, I hook up and do a quick demo of a new RV gadget I just bought. It's a FlowJet brand macerator pump for transferring RV waste tank water. The macerator chews up any solids in the waste so it can be pumped up to 50 feet or more via a garden hose.

    This makes it easy to dump the tanks at a regular house via the city sewer cleanout, washing machine, or toilet drains. Stay tuned for part 2 soon, where I test out dumping my RV waste tanks into the house drains.

    Amazon Links:
    USA - https://amzn.to/3pxahHn
    Canada - https://amzn.to/3nrFM2L
  • Nitehawk
    I bought that model last year due to not wanting to move my camper from it resting place just to dump. . It worked like a charm . Pumped over 75 feet . . The only thing to remember is that since you do not have that "gush" of flow when you open the gate I fill and drained the tanks a couple of times . It did create a bit of suction and I think that it actually cleans the tanks much better than a regular discharge
  • Ray
    The macerator pump hooks up to the RV sewer output. Inside it has four metal spinning blades that chop up any solids. It works sort of like a blender. The pureed waste is then fed into another chamber that has a paddle-wheeled shaped pump. The output of the pump connects to a 50-foot garden 3/4 inch hose.

    On the side of the house is a connection port utilizing cam locks. I connect the other end of the garden hose to it, and the waste flows into his main sewer output for the house. The macerator requires a 12V 20 amp power supply. Most people connect the wiring to the RV batteries for power. But I decided to wire up a plug to use my new Safari ME portable power station instead.

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