• Mary Lifeunderway
    So we had a very scary situation that happily turned out okay in the end. After a few hours of traveling on very rough West Texas smaller highways, we were turning into a fueling station... sharp turn, plus a bad pothole, apparently just the right combination of angles for the little brake cable on the hitch to get caught just so on a bolt and pull out. We were going very slow but the truck still jolted to a stop and a warning sounded and something like "trailer brake wiring" popped up on the screen. My husband jumped out and into the bed of the truck and immediately saw what happened. A nice old man stopped to make sure we were okay, and we were quickly on our way again.

    All this makes me wonder, though -- what would have happened if we had been, say, merging onto the freeway when this happened? Or going 60 mph? Or... basically *anything* other than the situation we were in which seems to be the luckiest possible scenario -- pulling into a parking lot and only going a couple miles per hour with no one behind us? Would the trailer and truck just instantly lock up like that, getting us rear-ended by a speeding semi? We are now (and by we I mean the Paul part of we...) checking it every time we stop for any reason to make sure it does not again get randomly caught on something.

    Thanks for any insights!

  • Lorraine
    We use an expansion type wire (like an old telephone cord coil) from the break away and with a clip on the end that we attach to a hole in the truck bed hitch rail. It’s not super tight, but it’s not loose and with ability to catch on something.

    The original break away had a longish wire that we didn’t like because of the threat of catching on something. We replaced the whole thing with the one we have now.

    It’s probably not too likely that would happen just pulling onto a highway. You just happened to get the right combination to allow enough slack for the wire to catch. Definitely a wake up call though. Stay safe.
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