• Greg F
    We have owned our 5th wheel almost 2 years now and have about 12,000 miles on it. It was time to do wheel Bearings. Dexter recommends every year or 12,000 miles.

    After pulling the first wheel I am considering just using the ez lube for the other three. The bearings, races, and grease all looked brand new. The pads still had lots of life.

    How often does everyone repack their wheel bearings? Does anyone use the ez lube? I understand that complete overhaul is also required but perhaps less often with intermediate ez lube to pump fresh grease. I have heard peoples concerns about blowing out the back seal but after installing a new seal this morning along with the recommended liquid gasket it seems pretty solid. Following Dexters video on pumping slow and rotating the wheel seems pretty safe.

    I am using Valvoline NLGI #2 grease which appears to be the recommended formula to use along Dexter branded grease. Any thoughts on grease brand?

    BTW thanks Ray, I went back and found your video on this maintenance. You saved me a trip running out for a, 1-1/2 socket during the job and I picked up a seal install kit as well.

    Link to video
  • Dhuhn
    I repack mine every year, by doing this you can inspect your brakes and bearing. By using easylube you cant tell how your brakes are doing or if the bearing are worn and need replacing. Me personally I don't use easylube don't want to take chance of blowing out the seals. even though they seem pretty snug the pressure from grease gun still could blow them out. If you do use the easylube just be careful.
    I also use Lucas Red N Tacky grease NLGI #2 seems to work fine for me.
  • Greg F
    Yea, good practice. It's odd these are the same style bearings and construction I remember from the front wheels on old rear wheel dive cars I owned and rear wheels on front wheel drive cars. I have serviced bearings like this many times albeit 25 years ago.They didn't call to be repacked every year. Seems excessive and after my first inspection today I wonder just what might go bad if they are well greased and adjusted. After 12000 miles (plus the milage getting it from Indiana to CA originally) the first one looks great, like new. I think I will go ahead and repack and inspect them all just to make sure they look like the first and plan every 2 years at which point I will just go ahead and replace everything. At one year I will use the ezlube. For us that will be about 12-15,00 miles every 2 years.

    With modern trucks exhaust brakes the trailer breaks just don't get used that much, Same on the truck. Before we traded it in our truck had 55,000 miles and the dealer measure the pads and said we had 70% left. Plus I drive like a little old lady. :halo:
  • Ray
    I've always shot a bit of grease in the EZ lube zerk on year one and then on year two repacked to inspect everything. Never had any issues. The temp reading on the wireless TPMS also gives me a clue as to how the bearing and brakes are doing just in case something starts to run hotter than normal. I really like that feature.
  • Greg F
    Thanks Ray. I do use our TPMS the same way. I also have a infrared heat gun I use on the hubs at rest stops or when we arrive at camp.
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