• Ray
    This video details how I diagnosed and repaired an inoperative main slideout room on our 2011 Keystone Cougar. The slide mechanism had worked perfectly since new, but we arrived at a new campsite the other day, and it would not go out! All I could hear was a whirring noise when I pushed the open button.

    So, I crawled under the trailer where I knew that Keystone had left an access panel below the electric slide motor. I was able to use an electric drill to manually open the slide. Next, I removed the motor and took it apart to troubleshoot the issue.

    Turns out that a nylon gear had a section of its teeth worn off. The motor would just spin freely. Luckily, I located an all-metal replacement gear on Amazon. With a slight modification using a file, it worked fine. Two days later the slide was once again functional. I was a happy camper since the cost of a new motor was hundreds of dollars, and the gear was only $25.

  • Greg F
    Looks familiar. I found the motor assembly for ours on Amazon. Not LCI but had good reviews and only $200 bucks. Pretty fast delivery. Now I have a spare as I was able to fix the stock motor like you did. I also have a spare gear now. Our unit has 2 main slides so double the odds of another issue.


    I also gotour replacement gear on Amazon like what you found.

    Hopefully the failure of these gears doesn't represent some additional resistance in other parts of the slide that will need to be addressed as well.
  • Ray
    I think yours is the Lippert Venture motor and mine the Lippert Tuson. I think the Venture is more common, maybe the newer model. Specs appear the same but the mounting arrangement looks different.

    This was the cheapest knock off I could find of the Tuson https://www.amazon.com/AP-Products-014-125802-9000-Speed/dp/B003D3IYMW

    Lippert Tuson https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S2IC0NC/

  • Randy Smith
    Hi Ray
    I had to replace the whole motor on my old cougar cause I couldn't find a replacement gear. Seems odd they would not use all steel gears in the first place. Do you have a link to that steel gear I think I might get a couple have on standby for my reflections 5th wheel with 3 slides. Great video as always. Thanks

    Randy from Victoria
  • Ray
    This is the USA link https://amzn.to/3gbKK0A and this is the .CA link https://amzn.to/3G8akhD
    The only thing to keep in mind is the plastic gear may be being used as a failsafe sacrificial gear in case something goes wrong. If steel is used it may move the damage to another part of the slide mech.
    At least that's the theory of why they used plastic.
    Also, you may want to check the motor model on the Reflection, slide motors vary and use different gearing. My Cougar uses one of the older type motors. Cheers, Ray
  • Ray
    Update - New gear wore out

    In this video, I replace my Lippert slideout electric motor assembly, including the gearbox. I also explain why my initial repair didn't last. A few months back, I replaced one of the gears, and it worked for a while but has failed again. The problem is that the clutch gear was also defective, leading to the other gear failing. I could not find a replacement clutch gear, so I had to replace the whole motor assembly.

    Parts Links:
    Lippert Tuson Motor: Lippert Store - https://store.lci1.com/18-to-1-tuson-motor-without-actuator-125802.html
    On Amazon - https://amzn.to/3O5VqO8
    OEM Tuson Plastic/Metal Combo Gear - https://tusonrvbrakes.com/products/nylon-gear-for-18-1-gear-ratio-lp-actuator-or-right-angled-gear-motor
    All Metal Replacement Gear - https://amzn.to/3rJ2LZt
    Ratchet Wrenches - https://amzn.to/3E4I7sq
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