• Steve Thompson
    One of the best upgrades I did was to add the vortex generators (VGs) to our class A motor home (MH).
    The VGs improved the handling more than the expensive shocks and swaybar.
    Even though the shocks and swaybar made the ride better the VGs really blew my mind on how much they improved the wind issues from crosswinds and trucks passing.
    Crosswinds? What crosswinds? They don't push the MH around like they did before.
    Totaly amazing. The truck trailers used to get sucked towards me as they passed which increased the pucker factor quite a bit. Now they don't move toward me and I barely know they are passing. I still get a very small bump on the noise when the truck hits my bow wave but most of the time I don't even have to correct for it. Some smart person out there may tell me how to fix that too.
    The other benefit is way less dirt on the back end of the MH. Stays as clean as the sides now.
    Where did I get them you may ask?
    Well they do make a commercial version of them called Air Tabs, but I 3D printed mine.
    The cost was less and I ended up with a 3D printer for other projects.
    They are installed 4 inch on centers (where they can be) and they are up both sides and across the top.
    I hope to paint match them to the MH this summer just to spruce them up a bit.
    I hope this will help others out there that may be experiencing the same issues with wind or trucks.
    As Ray would say,,, Cheers!

  • Randy Vallis
    When I had my MH I wondered if they truly worked but by your account it is a simple add on that will help with stability. How long have you had them? Rv
  • Steve Thompson
    Randy I put them on last year in Bullhead Az just before we started our trip back North. The day we left it was windy and I was dreading the drive but was really surprised at the difference it made. Since the trip home to the PNW we have made a trip to Alaska and back to Az. Still amazed how well they work on this MH.
  • Mike Micikas
    how do they connect to the coach
  • Steve Thompson
    The commercial product AirTabs are double back tape or peel and stick.
    Since I printed mine I used a quarter inch square piece of double back tape in the center to hold them in place and a very thin layer of clear silicone for the permanent mount. They are stuck well. You could do double back on the whole mount but I was looking at making it quick and easy.
    I did clean the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol beforehand.
  • Columbus
    I’ve had them on our Columbus 5th wheel for about 3 yrs and wouldn’t be without them. They do all that has been said about them. Being cheep I made mine out of 4” strips of .040 6061 aluminum and bent them up on 5” centers. Double stick tape and silicone. Do get a lot of questions which makes it part of the fun.
  • Scott
    Ha! I had vortex generators on my last airplane. Never thought I'd see them on a motorhome! I used them to make my low speed handling better in the air. You're using them to make high speed handling better. Cool!
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