• Ray
    Luckily, I've had a chance to try out and review several portable lithium power stations throughout the last couple of years. I've tested various Jackery, Himcen, Bluetti, and Lion Energy offerings.

    In the comment section of these videos, I'd often hear about another lithium power station maker called EcoFlow. Several people even asked if I could do a review of one. So when EcoFlow contacted me recently asking if I would like to test out their Delta Max power station, I replied yes. The specs look fantastic, and I was interested to see why there is a good buzz around their products.

    For the EcoFlow, I'm planning, as I did for the Bluetti AC200P and the Lion Energy Safari ME, to split the review into three videos. First, up will be the intro and features, then an in-depth video testing the power station charge/discharge and power capacities. And third, a real-world review using it as we boondock around the USA desert southwest this winter.

  • Ray
    Review (Part 2) In-Depth Demos and Tests

    In this second of a three video review, I perform in-depth testing/demos of the EcoFlow Delta Max portable power station. First, I test the battery capacity using the AC inverter output, then I try a fast charge test using my 2000W gas generator for power. Next, I try to power multiple appliances in our RV, including our 13K BTU air conditioner. The video finishes with a brief look at EcoFlow's 400 watt folding solar panel and a pair of solar charging tests.

    After several weeks of dry camping, I'm pleased with the Delta Max performance and ease of use. Stay tuned for a third video next month where I'll give my final impressions and a complete list of pros and cons as I see them.
  • Ray
    Review Conclusion - Likes & Dislikes after 2 Months of Boondocking

    In this video, I'm back after 2 months of off-grid camping with the EcoFlow Delta Max portable power station. I go through all my pros and a few cons as I see them for this power station.

    Super Fast Charging
    Dual AC & Solar Charging
    Charging at Different Rates
    2400W (5000W Surge Inverter)
    Smartphone App
    Expandable Battery Ports
    Quiet Fans
    Small Size and Weight
    UPS Feature 30ms
    Built-in AC Supply
    3600W Xboost

    Shorter Battery Lifespan
    No High Output DC Port
    Overseas Company
    All Eggs in One Basket

    EcoFlow Delta Max Amazon USA - https://amzn.to/3tWkXRa
    EcoFlow Delta Max Amazon CA - https://amzn.to/3QH2CBt
  • Ray
    In this video, I'm back with a long-term update on the EcoFlow Delta MAX portable lithium power station and its 400W optional folding solar panel. I've had the system for nearly a year and used it for many months of boondocking. I'll go through how it has performed and my likes and dislikes.

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