• Ray
    Scenes from a very windy February 2022 day camped along the northern shoreline of the Salton Sea, California. Sheltered in our RV, I spotted a large grouping of birds huddle near the shore. It looked like an interesting visual. So, I decided to endure the gusty winds and blowing sand and take a walkout for a closer look.

    Here is some video footage of the views on the hike out and back, plus all the birds. I spotted lots of Northern Shoveler ducks, some seagulls, two ravens, and various tiny shorebirds. All were trying their best to brace against the stiff breezes and white-capped waves. It looked like a chore for the smallest ones! Even in such a desolate landscape, nature provides many beautiful and interesting-looking things to enjoy if you take the time for a closer look.

  • Eddie Aileen
    Nice Video Ray!
    Happy Trail...Pal!!!
  • Susan
    Wow! It was really whitecapping out there! Great video!
  • Ray
    Sure was, I was having a heck of a time trying to hold my Sony camcorder steady. Luckily it has pretty good stabilization.
  • Chris McDonald
    Hi Ray. My wife and I saw you at Salt Creek on Saturday. We would have stopped to say hi but you looked like you were busy with a project spread out at your picnic table. Do you prefer Salt Creek over Corvina Beach? I assume you might since you have posted several stories from there. We were taking a quick tour of the various campgrounds to see where we would prefer to bring our trailer. We both preferred the primitive campgrounds over the developed ones even though those have hookups. Are Salt Creek and Corvina Beach both first come-first served or can you reserve a spot?

    Chris McDonald
  • Ray
    Hi Chris, I was redoing all the connectors on my portable solar panels. I wasn't a fan of the OEM so was soldering on my own. :)
    Yes, I like Salt Creek since it's a little further off the roadway and from the train tracks. Also, a little more vegetation and birdlife since there is a small creek running out to the sea nearby. I also find less day tripper traffic-stopping.
    It's first come first serve, there is a payment box as you enter with envelopes to put cash into. $10 a night. Unlike Corvina though the freshwater spigots aren't working. I just get water from the Dump and Fill area at the Headquarters Campground area near the visitor center.
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