• Randy Vallis
    I have wondered what snow bird folks from CDN do with respect to extended stays in the US and their meds. Do you stock up before you leave more over what about insulin, how long will it last in a refrigerator. Rv
  • Ray
    I can't speak to insulin but Anne is on a couple of different prescriptions and is able to get a six month supply for them from her doctor and pharmacist. In a couple of cases, she has had her pharmacist send extra when she has run out.
    I guess that depends on how well you know your doctor and pharmacist, she has had the same ones for many years.

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  • Greg F
    Fortunately neither wife or I take any prescription medication. Our Dog does though. She takes phenobarbital for seizures. This is commonly prescribed for people with the same diagnosis. We have been able to get large enough doses to go about 3 months. After that the vet can write another prescription and send it to vet or pharmacy where we are at.

    Same dog has now been diagnosed with Lymphoma and her new Chemo drugs are a combo of daily pills as well as weekly shots. These shots have anchored us back home for a few months. While traveling could be possible visiting different vets for each weeks shots it looks like it would be a hassle for sure.

    So it probably depends on what type of medications you need and what kind of network your doctor has. Ask your doctor about getting your insulin in the US. He or she may have a simple solution. I believe some types of insulin and syringes are over the counter here in the states.
  • Lorraine
    Greg is on a couple of different prescriptions after having a stent in 2014. I have extended benefits from my work that I was able to keep in retirement. I had to contact my provider (Great West Life) and ask for permission for a 6 month supply, which they granted. The only time they deny is if the prescription is something that could be sold on the street - so I was told. The other option is to have a family or friend refill your prescription at home and mail it to you.
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