• amcmahen
    I want to install drawer slide in the basement of our 2005 Keystone Montana. This is very similar to yours Ray.
    It will hold a 40 liter chest type 12v freezer. I've found slides that are the length I need and rated at 500 lbs. but I am concerned about attaching them. One will attach to the basement floor, which is actual a cover for one of the tanks. The other I will attach to both the same surface and and also the forward wall.
    Question is, what is the forward wall and horizontal surface that covers the storage tank made of? I'm hoping it's 5/8" plywood or thicker. Anyone know?
    Also how does one remove the storage tank cover? I prefer Bolting the slides and using large Fender washers underneath. Is the clearance for a nut under the cover?
  • Ray
    Not sure about Montana but my 2011 Cougar uses OBS board, I think it's 5/8ths. Here is a look at it from another video I did https://youtu.be/psSZtyzDi9w?t=153

    Later on, after some advice, I added some washers to the bolts.
  • Leftie Canuk
    I used 2 x 4 lumber across the cargo bay as "sleepers" under my tray. :I was able to screw them down with multiple stainless screws that just made it through the floor material, but not into anything hiding under it. The cargo tray was then mounted with s/s bolts and washers through the 2 x 4 sleepers. The sleepers also raised the tray just high enough to come through the cargo bay door (both sides). There is actually a bit of room between the underside of the tray and the floor to stow some really slim but rarely-needed items. We have a 2012 Montana
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