• Ray
    Looks like some big winds are on the way for much of the southwest. Wednesday forecast where we are in southwest New Mexico:

    * WINDS...Westerly winds 20 to 30 mph Tuesday. Diminishing to 10
    to 20 mph overnight Tuesday night. Winds increasing and becoming
    stronger during the day on Wednesday with winds of 35 to 45 mph
    with gusts 55 to 65 mph. Gaps, passes, and lee east slopes
    could see gusts 70 to 80 mph.

    Today we crossed the Continental Divide along I10 into New Mexico, sure was a night and day difference with the new Ram 3500 versus the old 94 Ford. Straight into 20--30 MPH wind and hardly felt it! :smile: Well, except on the fuel gauge. ;)

    Here is a post I did last year about how to deal with camping in big winds - https://www.loveyourrv.com/10-tips-fifth-wheel-camping-extreme-winds/

    If anyone else has tips to add please do. With spring on the horizon, winds are a big hazard especially for those traveling through tornado alley areas.

    We have set up camp at Caballo Lake SP. The exact spot we camped at 2 years ago during a big wind event. Maybe we will get some of these cool vortex looking clouds again.

  • Greg F
    No real tips other than if we are going to be traveling on a windy day I will possible change the highway routing to mitigate straight on side winds. When side winds get to 40+ MPH we typically will find a place to stop. When big rig trailers start drifting lanes It's time to get off the highway. When we stop to camp we try and position the truck/camper to point right into or with the wind as it is quieter inside.
  • Sean
    One tip I would add, if you have to travel in heavy winds, fill your fresh water tank. Helps lower your center of gravity. Think about an empty 18 wheeler vs a full. Hurts the fuel gauge a bit, but I would rather pay for a couple more gallons of fuel then a new rig. ;-)
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