• Ray
    Dashcam footage of some fool cutting close in front of me to pass another RV on the inside lane and almost ended up clipping them. At the speeds of 70+ MPH, any accident would have been a complete mess.

  • Drew
    Yep, not smart but I'm glad the guy with the trailer finally moved over.
  • Jack Tyler
    Like Drew, I was left wondering why the RV's driver was in the left lane. Didn't look like he was needing to pass someone.
  • Brian Snyder
    Seen many time driving with and without a trailer. People are in too much of a hurry and impatient when you are driving the speed limit.
  • Ray
    Guess they were stupid enough to think because the speed limit was 80 MPH that was what they should be towing at. Bet they had the stock max speed-rated 65 mph ST tires on that trailer as well and overloaded. Then will complain when they have a blowout.
    Usually, it takes a few things to go wrong for an accident, and here we had a pair of dum-dums. :)
  • Herb
    I guess I'm getting old & cranky but on our recent trip thru the S.W. we had several of these type of incidents. I had to hit the brakes pretty hard when someone cut in front of me. Several times people passing on a 2-lane highway on curves and on an uphill portion. I am amazed just how many are towing trailers in excess of 70+ mph. I actually checked the tires at a rest stop of one guy who had passed me earlier. You'd never guess it; but 'poppers' and not rated for the speed he was traveling. I guess the makings for a You Tube .
  • Willie
    Sorry Ray, the knucklehead towing the 5th wheel shares blame for not moving over from the #1 lane. I see it all the time where these guys driving high HP diesel pickups towing a giant toy hauler think they own the road. The #1 lane is for passing only. When you’ve passed, turn on your signal and move the heck over.
  • Zoom
    Looks like the TT had just made a pass and hadn't changed lanes yet. This happens to me all of the time! The car behind me cannot wait for me to safely clear the vehicle I am passing and shoots to the right lane. TT not at fault!
  • Ray
    Check this one out from a few years ago. :)

  • Ray
    Here is some footage from the rearview cam

  • Lonewolf21
    Well from Ray's video what isn't seen is how long the guy was following behind the trailer before he took action. The only problem was he didn't signal any of his intentions, but his speed was fast enough that I really don't see any danger as he was moving beyond Ray's rig at a good clip. Also, notice when the daydreaming driver of the trailer finally moves over he doesn't signal his intentions either.

    The video of the small car and the tandem truck is a for me a bigger problem we all have probably encountered moving down the highway slower than most traffic when you have multi lanes of traffic, beyond the normal 4 lane highway and a vehicle comes up from behind crossing over several lanes to pass you, whether on the left or right side. With our RV limited visibility, especially motorhomes it's almost impossible to track vehicles behind you in several lanes.
  • Ray
    What bugs me is he literally came within about 10 feet of my driver's side quarter panel. Any slight mistake and he clips my front end I lose control. People need to learn to safely clear a vehicle before changing lanes. I see this behavior most often in California as the drivers get so used to driving in congested city freeways and having to grab space before someone else and get out of the way but they still do it on wide-open freeways. I've had people do it to me when there are miles with open road up ahead.

    Here is an example:

  • Lonewolf21
    Hey Ray, when I watched the video I didn't realize he came that close to you. In that respect, yeah what a jerk!

    I agree with you 1000% that when driving around heavily populated areas how often you see wacked-out drivers trying to cut into the smallest openings available weaving their way up the highway.

    My point to the second video one of the other posters posted has happened to me several times, with at least two instances on the 403 near Hamilton, Ont. where they swing behind you so fast across several lanes trying to pass. Then, I'm making a normal pass on the left with my signal on and tracking traffic in the left lane for when it's safe to move over (36 ft. class A with a car on a dolly) and all of a sudden you get a blaring horn and one finger salutes as if I was the one in error, not. Miami is another place that comes to mind on recent trips.

    I must say though last month we got stuck on I95 outside of D.C during rush hour, bad timing on my part, and I was really pleased with how courteous drivers were a couple of times when I needed to change lanes to get to an exit ramp and the car behind me saved room for me and flashed their lights to let me in. They probably had a crappy day at work and the Mrs.and I are retired, but they still had the decency to let me move over.
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