• Ray
    This spring as we journeyed back north to British Columbia for the summer we have taken a very different route than usual. Normally we head westward to the northern coast of California and then meander north from there along Highway 101. However this spring we have been on a more inland track through western Utah and now southwest Idaho. It's interesting to explore new areas.

    In this video, I have some highlights from our recent early April visit to the Twin Falls area. We actually spent 10 days here, a little longer than planned due to some inclement weather. Just our luck that the time we pick to take this more elevated mountainous route we run into some historically cold spring weather for the northwest.

    Oh well, what can you do? We made the best of it and enjoyed the visit anyway. Twin Falls is endowed with some remarkable natural beauty and interesting history to explore. The town is situated along the Snake River where it has carved deep canyons. The famous Oregon trail also passed by here.

    Not having a lot of decent days due to the cold and often windy weather we hit the main attractions. For me, they were the famous Shoshone Falls (Niagra of the West), the Evel Knievel 70's jump site, the 480 ft high Perrine Memorial Bridge, and Balanced Rock. We saw enough of the area to know we definitely want to return and explore more!

    As for camping, we kept it economical and dry camped at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds for $12.75 a night. It made for a good base station to explore from and we even got to see a real live ride taking place.

    Link to the 2021/22 Snowbird Trip Video Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SXIZE90M-c&list=PLp14lzXh07um9huGtciJ437vmtgRITaMH
  • Jake Gier
    Good info on the fair grounds camping. Pocatello has similar.
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