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    Bluetti AC200MAX Review (Pt 1) – Intro & Features

    Last summer, I did an extensive review of a portable lithium power station from a company called Bluetti. The model AC200P boasted impressive power with a 2048-watt-hour LiFePO4 battery pack and a 2000W pure sine wave inverter.

    The AC200P performed well in my off-grid camping tests. It was able to power any appliance in our RV and charged up pretty fast via solar or our gas generator.

    Well, it’s nearly a year later now, and Bluetti had contacted me again and asked if I’d like to review their newer upgraded model, the AC200MAX. It has improved charging and output power performance specs, plus new features that addressed a few of my AC200P dislikes. So I decided to take them up on the offer.

    AC200MAX Feature & Specs List:

    Current Price: 1899 USD or 2499 CAD
    Size & Weight: 61.9 lbs (16.5 x 11.0 x 15.2in)
    Battery: 2048Wh 51.2V 40AH LiFEPO4
    Battery Life: 3500+ Charge Cycles to 80% Capacity Left
    2200W Pure Sine Inverter Output 4800W Surge
    Solar Charging Specs: 900W 10-145 Volts 15A
    AC Adapter Charging: 500W or 1000W w/optional second AC adapter
    Combine Solar and AC for 1400W charging
    12VDC Car Charging Max 8A
    Passthrough Charging
    Two 15W Phone Charging Pads
    Touch Screen Display
    Bluetooth App for Info/Control/Firmware Update
    12VDC Power Outlets: 30A RV, 10A Automotive Socket, 2 – 10A Small Round
    USB Outlets: 100W USB-C 18W USB-A plus Standard USB-A
    120V AC Outlets: 4 – 20 Amp AC Household Sockets + 30 Amp RV Style
    Two Expandable Battery Ports: Up to 8192Wh Capacity

    Main Improvements over the AC200P Model:

    Added 30 Amp AC RV Socket
    Max DC Output 30A vs. 25A
    900W Max Solar vs. 700W
    2200W AC Inverter vs. 2000W
    Bluetooth App
    Dual Battery Expansion Ports
  • Ray
    PT2 In-Depth Testing and Demos, Charging & Discharging

    In Part 2 of my Bluetti AC200MAX review, I do in-depth testing of its charging and discharging capabilities. Using the AC charger + 1000 watts of solar panels, I was able to input approximately 1200 watts of charging power even without a perfectly clear sky. Another test was to see if it would power my Coleman Mach 3 13.5K BTU RV air conditioner and for how long. Also, I tested out the 30 amp 12VDC power port.

    Stay tuned for the Part 3 Video – Likes and Dislikes after a few weeks of real-world camping and final thought on this offering from Bluetti.
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