• Ray
    The DFUN battery rep has been after me to review their LiFEPO4 battery for a while now. I hesitated since it looked exactly like the SOK battery I reviewed a few years ago. I figured it was just a cheap knock-off. But he assured me it was different and used a similar case design. Because it's about $100 cheaper than the SOK, I figured it was worth taking him up on the offer to take a look for myself.

    *Fair Disclosure* I received complimentary review samples of this DFUN Battery

    In this video, I teardown and look at all the components that make up the DFPA12100 (12.8V 100Ah) DFUN LiFePO4 battery. Then test its charging, discharging rates, low temp protection, and finally, the total capacity. See my Pros and Cons as I see them below.

    Overall it looks like a good bang for the buck, but time will tell if the company provides good support and stays around awhile. But, at least if they disappear, the battery is serviceable by a DIY end user.


    • Low Price Point $480
    • 8 Year Warranty
    • 4000 Life Cycles to 80% Capacity
    • Metal Case & Battery Brackets
    • Can Easily Be Fully Disassembled
    • Nice Terminal Connections
    • Grade A LiFePO4 Cells
    • Low-Temperature Protection


    • Heavy 33 lbs
    • BMS - Small Heat Sink
    • New Battery to the Market - Not Much Track Record

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  • Jack Tyler
    First, an impressive, rigorous testing protocol, Ray - well done. Second, I would guess most of us users don't push battery performance near max performance limits, at least on a regular basis. And even so, the specs were met. Is it the 'best'100 AH lithium battery on the market. IDK. But is it excellent value? Sure seems so. It's interesting how our expectations have changed over an even short period of time. I imagine you evaluating this battery, at this cost, only 5 years ago, Ray, and being mighty impressed. Yet the tone (if not content) of your comments in this review seemed reserved and only mildly impressed.
  • Ray
    The LiFePO4 battery market has turned super competitive with many more players, and I imagine manufacturing methods have improved and a ramp up in the production scale. At some point, the sheer cost of raw materials will likely determine how much lower they can go.
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