• NesSoft
    First I want to install a shut off valve at my shower head, so it does not leak when taking a navy shower. Secondly, I want to stop the dreaded cold-water blast when turning the valve back on. What really causes the cold water blast? Do I need to put in a check valve on the hot water line by the shower? Ray, I see you have a shut off valve installed so it doesn't leak, do you still get the cold water blast?
  • Ray
    I installed one of these a while back to replace the dribble shut off https://amzn.to/3UAmdVC
    KES Shut Off Valve Brass Shower Head Valve with Handle Lever G1/2 Water Flow Control Valve Regulator


    Works pretty well, total shutoff. When I turn it back on, I just put my hand in front of the shower stream for a few seconds, and it equalizes pretty quickly. Some people install a check valve in the plumbing to keep hot and cold from not mixing right and causing the cold stream.
    Another way is to have a thermostat showing the water heater temp and shut off the heating at the right temp for a shower, then use the hot faucet. Thar method has the added benefit of saving propane when off the grid. Cheers, Ray
  • Brian Snyder
    I also put a shut off valve in the shower, but also added this back flow preventer to my hot water line and it help. Here is a video by another RVer installing his and he has a link to purchase one at Amazon. https://youtu.be/T4lge5JLYn0
  • Roger Fell
    100 F was always an ideal temp for me, and always used just the hot water as Ray suggested.
  • Lonewolf21
    The easiest way to avoid the cold water blast is to let the water dribble out as you wash. Most stock RV shower heads that have the shut-off valve built into them let the water trickle out to keep the hot and cold equalized when turned off, avoiding hot or cold blasts.

    I have the exact one that Ray pictured from Amazon. With mine, if I turn it all the way off I will get a hot water blast for a second or two when I turn the water back on. If I remember to turn it back on while pointing the shower head anywhere but my face it can feel kinda nice.
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