• Ray
    In the video, I test the ANTOP AT415B in two locations. One is a very fringe reception area, and another is a place with numerous OTA TV stations. I compare the ANTOP's performance to my existing KING Jack RV TV antenna and my previous Winegard Sensor. 

    Overall the ANTOP did a great job in the weak signal area and was comparable in the better signal strength area. Omnidirectional is a big plus as no antenna pointing is required, but installation in an RV could be awkward. The hardware appears more aimed a home use. I used a flag pole to mount it. Construction quality is just fair. Nothing to write home about.

    I'll continue to test it out as I spend the next few months camping in the southwest USA. I'll report back this spring with an update on more location tests.

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  • Rush and Lola
    Hey Ray, We have a entertainment center thats located in the slide-out. My coaxial has snapped into for satellite and TV hookups from the slide-out movement over the years. I've had to make adjustments for TV in entertainment center. This might be a fix for me on it. Thanks for the review. My King on roof still works bedroom TV, we rarely use it. I use to could reach in back of cabinet and wiggle wire and get it to work now and then but I'm tired of wigglin.Once again thanks and enjoy the SW. We near Ft. Myers, Fl and its in the mid eighties with dew points in mid sixties. Take Care and as you say Ray Cheers.
  • Ray
    Review Update Video - More Location Tests & Comparing to KING Jack

    I'm back in this video with more location testing Antop versus the KingJack RV antennas and my overall thoughts on the two products.

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