• Ray
    In this video, I swap out our 12-year-old Atwood RV stove/oven for a brand-new Furrion stove. New features will include oven light, knob lighting, oven remote lighting via sparked, and windowed oven door.

    Installation was relatively straightforward, with only one LP gas connection and two wires for the 12V power. The new stove slide right in place of the old one. Physical dimensions were virtually identical.

    Due to the different gas connection locations, I had to cut and flare the 3/8ths copper pipe and run new wires for the 12V hookup. But both tasks went smoothly. Finally, I leak-checked the new stive using a gas sniffer, bubble fluid, and a manometer.

    Stay tuned. In about a month or two from now, I'll be back with my full review, letting you know how the stove performed compared to the old one and overall likes and dislikes.

    Furrion Website Link https://furrion.com/products/21-rv-3-burner-gas-oven-range-with-die-cast-grates

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  • Ray
    In this video, I'm back with my review of the Furrion gas stove I installed about a month ago


    • Looks attractive in our RV kitchen
    • An oven window and inside light to see food cooking
    • Lighted knobs to tell if gas is left on.
    • The low-profile grill sits close to the burners, so higher max heat. Water boils quicker than our old stove at max setting.
    • Remote spark light for oven pilot light. Tip: open the door at an angle to see the pilot light reflection
    • Knobs blue light can be left on as a night light.


    • The rough coating on burners and grill looks good but could be more challenging to clean and rubs off easily from metal pan bottoms.
    • The oven temp cooler than the dial indicates, about 50F. But at the same time, the lowest indicator setting is 350F. Maybe a dial misprint?
    • The folding glass cover looks nice but gets in the way. We like to use counter space behind the stove for dirty dishes, so I removed it.
    • Sparker is loud. Since there is 12V source wiring for the lights, I'd like to see a push-button electronic one.
  • Al F
    Thanks Ray.
    Just watching both videos. You do nice work!

    Quick question #1: how much cooper pipe length extention, out of that pipe flaring tool, did you finally settle in on for making the flare on gas pipe connection?

    Question #2: Also, did/are you going to do a video on your reorganization of wiring under the stove?

    Al Figone
  • Ray
    I'd say about 3/16ths of an inch.
    Yes, but likely once we get back to BC and off the road for a bit. I'll leave well enough alone till then :)
  • Al F
    3/16th. Good to know. And great suggestion using end length of old pipe line to practice.
    Did you flare tubing end before or after oven install into counter cutout?
  • Ray
    I flared it with the stove out as the access was easier. There is a little flexibility with the copper tubing, so the length didn't need to be exact, just within a few inches. As long as it wasn't too short to reach. :)
  • Al F
  • Randy Smith
    Hi Ray
    Good install, you could put a a thermometer in the oven might give you a more accurate reading of the temps.

  • Ray
    You bet. If I need accurate temps I have a dual wireless thermometer I use for my wood pellet smoker. It has both grill temp and food temp probes. But so far as long as I set it about 50 degrees higher on the knob things are cooking right.

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