• NesSoft
    I have already posted on IVR2 and sent a support question to Haloview to no avail. I am hoping someone here my have some suggestions on how to troubleshoot my Haloview backup camera.


    I have a grand design 5th wheel that came "Furrion Ready".

    I installed the Haloview RD7-MINI 7'' 720P Wireless Range Dominator System with rearview and side cameras in 2021. It has been working fine until a few weeks ago. I noticed a crimped wire going to the camera. I ordered a new camera (CA614).

    I verified that there is 10v coming from the wire in the Furrion housing.

    I see an “ERR” code on the screen, the two side cameras are working fine. I am not able to get the new camera paired. Even with the rear camera not connected I still see the “ERR” code on the monitor.

    1. How do I get it paired, I have tried pressing the button on the camera within the 20 seconds and tried pressing the button on the "TX box” within the 20 seconds. I don't think this is the problem, I think its a power issue to the tx-box.

    2. Should the lights on the "TX box" be lit? I do not see a light on that box.

    3. How do I get rid of the “ERR” code on the monitor?

    4. How would I verify that power is getting to the "TX box” (which of the pins should have power?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Ray
    10V seems pretty low, considering this has to power the camera and the repeater. I wonder if there is some way you could test it with a known good 12V source to discount that as the problem.
    The only time I've seen ERR on my Haloview screens is when the micro SD Card has become corrupted and stopped recording. I needed to reformat it to resolve that.
    Haloview is just getting back from their Chinese lunar new year holidays, so maybe that's why there is no reply yet. If you can't get this working, let me know, and I'll send my contact there your email so they he gets you some help.
  • NesSoft
    Thanks Ray. I will double check the voltage. I will dig into the "Furrion ready" wiring and see how that is wired. Maybe there is a loose connection there.
  • Jeff Nichols
    I have the iun out drawings for the Dominator system..email me at: and I will attach it in a reply
  • NesSoft
    I just wanted to update my issue. It turns out that the camera and the "tx-box" which is the extended antenna also went bad. I had to order the TX-Box as well as the camera. After installing that my back up system started to work again. It's just so strange that they both went bad at once. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.
  • Brian Snyder
    Thanks for updating us all.
  • NesSoft
    Hello Ray. I ended up replacing the backup camera and the TX-Box. We just back to our home base and decided to open up and take a look at the TX-box. I found out that was the problem all along. There was water in the box, it is NOT waterproof. Maybe you can contact your contact at Halowview and let them know that they could have a problem. I did see other posts around that said they also had water infiltration into the TX-box. I included a photo of the inside of the tx-box.

  • Ray
    Thanks. I'll send him the link to this forum post. Cheers, Ray
  • NesSoft
    Thanks Ray. I sent off an email to the haloview support. Hopefully the new TX box is the new one.
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