• Ray
    In this video, I review six mistakes made during this snowbird trip that required repairs or almost did. We are pretty careful and experienced RVers, but things occasionally go wrong even after 12 years of traveling and living in our fifth-wheel trailer.

    1) Damaged the Shower Skylight
    2) Almost Burst the Sewer Tote
    3) Leaking 30lb Propane Cylinder
    4) Bend Storage Compartment Floor
    5) Damage Trailer Tire
    6) Almost Flooded RV

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  • Rjack10
    Hi Ray, good video. Question on the tires, with your past recommendation I went with the same tires. I have heard two different opinions on trailer tire balancing. I purchased mine at a major tire supplier in Peoria AZ and they were not going balance the four new tires. I made them take back off and balance. What is your experience?
  • Ray
    I always make them balance. To me, it seems worth it for an RV trailer that is going to see a ton of highway miles, and many places will do it at no charge if buying the tires from them.
    If balanced, they should run smoother, so there is less stress on the wheel bearings, suspension, and the tires themselves over time, Likely will get a longer life out of the tires. Also less vibration inside the trailer.
  • Lorraine
    Thanks for sharing the fails. It happens to us all.

    Last fall I went to take a shower and noticed a hole in the side of the shower base. Greg fixed it with epoxy, but I guess loading my portable washer into the shower, I didn’t pay attention and banged the edge of the foot which took a chunk out.

    Two weeks ago, I was doing laundry and not paying attention. Greg had flushed the black and greys the day or two before and had the grey closed to fill for another flush. I went to check the wash and the shower basin was about 1/4” from overflowing, and it was deep enough it drowned the two electric motors in the washer. A new washer arrives tomorrow!!

    Years ago - 1977 to be exact- we lived in a travel trailer in northern BC logging camps. We had a 100# propane tank that the person put about 120# into. They released the excess, but that could have been a real disaster!

    And to the fellow asking about balancing tires- we always have ours balanced. We also have them rotated every year when we have the bearings re-packed. Is it necessary? Can’t answer that for rotation, but why not? As for balancing, we’ve never not done it, so we can’t compare, but if the tires are running smoothly then they should wear best.
  • Laurence
    Hello Ray, about the overfill on the Propane Tank. I have a little buddy heater and a 20lb tank, so used it for 11/2 tank fills and the heater stopped working, turns out that the tank must have been overfilled on the last fill up and I got a piss full of oil in the metal tubes from gas in the tank. The heater literately choked up and stopped working. Have you heard of anything like this?
    I have cleaned it out once and ran the heater and quite after about 5min. Debating whether to do another tear-down to clean the pipping or not.
  • Ray
    Are you using a filter inline? If the Buddy heater is on a high-pressure line, it needs a filter to prevent oil fouling. If on low pressure, as I have in my RV quick connect hookup, then no filter is needed.

  • Rush and Lola
    Another fine job there Ray. After seeing what happen to your Starlink I believe I better get me a antenna mount for the ladder. Take care Ray and as you say Cheers.
  • Laurence
    Yes I did have the filter on and wondering now if I should replace it as the oil must have saturated the filter and gone through to the heater. if I dig deeper and buy another filter I'm going to cut in half just to see how much is in there. Think your spot on with people doing these kinds of procedures and not trained properly, over filling can ruin equipment.
    I did attach a 1lb tank to test apart from the 20lb and line set and found the 1 lb ran for 2min or so and then sputtered and shut down. It sounds like there is still a lot of oil in the heater.
  • Ray
    I think I recall years ago hearing about Mexican propane being a bit oilier and some people having issues with Buddy heaters there or fills near the border.
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