• NA8M

    I'm planning to swap out the "lead mine" in my MH for lithium. I drive a Class A, 35' which is quite old.

    The plan is to pull out the old lead acid "stuff" and put in an autonomous lithium system. The new system includes solar (300 watts on the roof) and MPPT charge controller by Victron, a Progressive Industries battery charger, and sine wave inverter.

    The plan is to isolate the lithium from the engine start battery and engine alternator using a switch on the dashboard in the MH. The lithium will be recharged with either the onboard generator, shore power, or solar.

    One question: I have a Bogart Engineering Tri-Metric TM-2025-RV battery monitor. I'm thinking this may be redundant? The Renogy battery is Blue Tooth capable. So my question is, "would the Bogart Engineering duplicate the Blue Tooth in the Renogy battery?" Then, just today, I saw an advertisement for a battery monitor system from Renogy. From Amazon, "Renogy 500A Battery Monitor with Shunt" is a hundred bucks. Would this leave you to think the battery would benefit from BMS? Therefore I should keep the Bogart Engineering BMS?

    Please, give me your thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time.

    Bill, NA8M
  • Ray
    I currently have 4 Lion Energy batteries and they each have Bluetooth, but I have still left my old Trimetric monitor in place. Still working great. :)
    I find it easier to glance at the Trimteric on the wall than look at each battery using the app. So the Trimtric is the primary way I look at the state of charge, amps, and voltage, and then once in a while, I make sure that each battery is doing well and not getting out of balance with each other via Bluetooth. I find the Trimtriec and the battery Bluetooth values track each other closely.
  • NA8M
    Thank you, Ray. I was thinking the Tri-Metric was a little "belt and suspenders" so why bother. But, like you, I find it a little inconvenient to pull up the app on my phone.

    I am pleased to hear the Tri-Metric and lithium BT generally closely agree.

    In the absence of input to the contrary, and because the Tri-Metric is installed and paid for, the way forward is duplication.

    Very grateful for your advise. Please pass along my best to Anne. As an aside, you set the video bar so high I just tell folks to see your YouTube videos when they want to see where we've been, too. We (my wife and I) follow your footsteps. Here's hoping our paths cross sometime and we can at least yell a greeting from across the desert.

    Bill, NA8M
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