• Ray
    Starting our journey back west and will be leaving New Mexico tomorrow for AZ. So today I just had to stop at LotaBurger for a Green Chile Cheeseburger. So good. :)


    From the website About page:

    Expertly seasoned & seared Premium Angus Beef patties, tangy pickle slices, a perfect layer of mustard & fresh lettuce, onion & tomato all between two lightly toasted buns? Did I mention exclusively packaged, 100% Hatch Valley grown Green Chile that’s registered by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture? Quality ingredients: Check.

    65 years of serving what National Geographic named “The World’s Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” across 80 locations & throughout New Mexico, Texas & Arizona? A LOTA Love: Check.

    When the founding father of flavor & WWII Navy Veteran, Blake Chanslor, flipped the first LOTA Burger® in 1952, he gave birth to a New Mexico tradition. 65 years later, Blake’s is a cultural icon (I mean, have you seen me on AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’? I’m a natural!) & synonymous with New Mexico cuisine.

    Now, with a menu that includes rich & creamy milkshakes (to temper the very real heat of my 100% Hatch Valley Grown Green Chile) & award-winning breakfast burritos (an A.M. staple), there’s a whole LOTA reasons to get excited when Blake’s Lotaburger comes to town!

    The LOTA Burger® & all its’ tasty menu-neighbors are treasured & craved by all who have tasted their greatness. Just ask USA Today*, National Geographic** & the Albuquerque Journal***!
    As I say, “At Blake’s, if you are what you eat, you are AWESOME!”

    *USA Today Readers’ Choice, voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico”

    ** National Geographic named “The World’s Best Green Chile Cheeseburger”

    ***Albuquerque Journal Readers’ Choice voted best Burger, Green Chile Burger & Breakfast Burrito
  • Vance
    That sounds sooooooo unique and good!! We love In-N-Out burgers!! All fresh ingredients and the perfect size!! Chocolate milkshake is perfection!!!
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