• Brian
    We’re now thinking about a slightly used class c and traveling 4 to 6 times per year instead of a 12 - 18 month full time in a fifth wheel. Otherwise we’d need to buy a a pick up and trailer. Thoughts? Suggestions? We will still want to do a east coast to Alaska trip next year so hopefully this works!
  • klaykrusher
    We purchased a used, 2006, class c and have been happy with it for the short trips we've been on. Interior living space is 23', with no slides. We plan to spend 6-8 months in it starting in the fall. Things that were important for us:
    • Large payload capacity, currently at 3000lbs available after fuel and water
    • Large towing capacity, we have a roughly 5000+ lb jeep
    • Large Gross Veh combined weight of 26,000lbs
    • High head room, I walked into too many B's, B+'s and C's where I banged my head on the air conditioner or crossmember and I'm only 6'1"
    • Large holding tanks
    • Quiet cab area while driving verses front engine class A's
    • Separate bedroom/Living room areas

    Took us about 1.5 years to find it. I saw a lot of C's, but usually the cargo carrying capacity or towing or GVCW were limiting factors for us. Depending on your needs, how much room, towing needs if any, etc. will help determine your best fit.
  • Greg F
    Any type of RV will work in Alaska. The roads are in much better shape then people say. In general better than California. We saw everything in Alaska from million dollar class A's and 40' 5th wheels to vans. Just slow down and watch for the ice heaved roads. They are for the most part well marked.

    Every type of RV has pros and cons. One good thing about class C is that there are plenty of used on the market to look at. You might consider renting one for a week or two and see what you like and don't like to help fine tune your wish list.

    The biggest con for us was the relative lack of off road ability. 2WD and poor approach and departure angles. We like to get out a little farther than motorhomes and trailers can get.

    If not for that we might have gone Class C instead of a truck camper.
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