• RichardM
    After my last boondocking trip, I finally got annoyed enough with the built-in converter to pick up a Progressive Dynamics 9270 converter. I initially tried to order one a couple of years ago but could not find a single vendor willing to ship to Alaska. I even got responses of "it's illegal to ship to Alaska". But since we are now in Needles, CA, for the month and the RV park accepts packages, it seemed to be a good opportunity. It was a quick installation using fine-stranded 4 AWG cables to the ground bus and the catastrophic fuse. The only thing missing is the ground wire. Fortunately, there are no shortage of hardware stores.

    My blog post for the install.

  • Ray
    Awesome, our 9260 has worked great.
    I'm curious what wattage generator you use? I remember one time trying to power Eddie's 9270 with just one of my 2000 watt Champions and it couldn't fire up, went into shutdown each time. Ended up having to parallel two of them.

    My old Champs are only 1600 watt continuous though and Eddie's batteries were quite low. So, maybe that was the issue. I know it says 1250 watts but maybe the initial inrush current was too much for my old Champs. I think I remember there was a firmware upgrade for the inverter circuit I never did get that extended the peak current time before shutting down. Maybe that was the issue

    With my 9260 they never had an issue.

    Cheers, Ray
  • RichardM
    We'll see how it works. I have the Champion 2000 watt units as well. But I've never had a problem running things as long as I didn't switch to eco mode right after starting or switching on a heavy load. Since I can't run a generator here at the RV park, I did run it off of the inverter so I could read the power draw of the converter and it was right around 11 amps AC for a short time then dropped. I'll post back next month when we'll be boondocking again. Tomorrow, I was going to run the batteries down to about 60% then see how it works. I'll put my Kill-a-watt meter on the converter.
  • RichardM
    Initial test. I ran the batteries down a bit then plugged the PD9270 into shore power through a Kill-a-Watt meter. After manually selecting “Boost” mode, the current draw of the converter was 10.4 amps (1250 watts) and according to the Trimetric battery monitor, was pushing over 60 amps into my battery bank composed of 4xGC2 flooded batteries. After about 15 minutes, it had raised the bank from 87% to 91% and the current had dropped to 35 amps. After 25 minutes, the bank was at 93% and current was 15 amps. At this point, I unplugged the converter.

    The seems to be a worthwhile addition. I still need to try it on the generator but can’t do it until next month when we are boondocking again.
  • RichardM
    I finally had a chance to test this with the Champion 2000 watt generator. I haven't needed the generator while dry camping as there was enough sun to bring the batteries back to 100% every day. This morning, the battery bank was at 73% so I dug out the generator, started it, let it warm up for a few minutes, left economy mode off, and plugged in the converter. According to my Kill-A-Watt meter, the PD9270 was drawing around 1050 watts. And between the solar and the converter, I was pushing 72 amps into the battery bank. Once charging started, I switched the generator to economy mode and it happily hummed along for the next 30 minutes. Successful addition. A whole lot better than the stock converter.
  • Ray
    Excellent, thanks for the update! :up:
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