• Ray
    In this video, I show myself dumping our Keystone Cougar's 3 RV holding tanks at a rest stop dump station. I show how quick, clean and efficient the task is with my custom sewer system setup.

    The OEM sewer arrangement has been modded to allow my Waste Master sewer hose to always be connected, by way of a storage box mounted under the fifth wheel trailer.

    There is no need to be fussing about connecting, disconnecting, rinsing and storing my hose in bins or bumpers. Sure saves time at the dump station!

    The setup wasn't exactly cheap, but we are full timers and use dump stations a bunch so well worth it to me for the convenience and less mess to deal with.

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  • Rush and Lola
    Another Job well done Ray.
  • John612
    Very cool, love the how quick you're in and out of the dump station.
    I always rinse the hose with fresh water, do you figure you're getting enough rinse from the grey water tanks?

  • Ray
    No need to rinse since it's always connected, also this hose is designed with the ribbing on the outside versus inside like many cheaper hoses, so the inside is perfectly smooth rubber that stuff doesn't stick to. I always dump my shower tank last and its just soapy water so best thing for it.

    Every once in a while I also use my tank flusher and fill the tanks a few times and give everything a good rinse. I've had it connected for almost 3 years now and the hose is still clean inside.

    One thing I don't do like some is to leave my gray valves open when at an RV park. I always wait until close to full tank before dumping them so I get a good flushing action with lots of flow.
  • John612
    Thanks Ray, I forgot about the smooth insides of the hose, a very good feature.
  • Bill Illman
    That Wast Master hose system looks like a robust set up.
    Do many of the dump sites have water for back flushing the black tank ?
    I try to flush my black tank at least twice after dumping, just worried about not getting the tank clean and not getting a true read on my tank monitor as to what the state of my tanks are at.
    Thanks for the great videos !
  • Rush and Lola
    We had an experience this past summer in Maine at a CG with no sewer at sites just a dump station. The campsite we were in,the ground was a bite uneven. Another thing the drain pipe on the RV is lower than the Barker sewage tank I use. Bought a macerator pump so I could pump the liquids into the Blue Boy as we call it. With that hose ends could a standard sewage hose connector be used.? The macerator has the standard connection not the bayonet type. I put a 3/4 in hose on pump(25 ft) so I could pump it in Blue Boy. Sir Eddie was the one to tell me get the pump. It worked great.
  • Ray
    There is an optional cam lock to bayonet adapter I carry to be able to run stuff like macerator pumps and flush out sprayers if needed.

  • Rush and Lola
    Thanks Ray, by the way Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Ann. I been bachelor a week, Lola flew to NC While the dog and I stayed in Miami. My Mom is down at my cuzzins so we went there and played. Take care Yall
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