• Logan X
    I recently took care of a couple of upgrades that have been on my to do list for a long time.

    I replaced my load rating C Rainer tires with Load rating D Goodyear Endurance.

    I added a 30amp hardwired EMS surge protector from progressive industries.

    It’s nice to have these little projects done and it gives me piece of mind that my tires aren’t likely to fail and my trailers electronics are protected. b7nlwss5e83t6ia4.jpeg
  • Rush and Lola
    those Anderson levelers are handy. I bought a horse mat (48"x48") and cut it up in 1 ft. squares and use to place them under levelers to get a little more rise.
  • Ray
    Nice upgrades! :up:
  • RVsolar
    Nice we did the tires last year.
  • Logan X

    That’s a good idea. The mats under the levelers also probably help keep them from sliding when it’s wet.
  • Jack Tyler
    Logan, we are kindred souls. We also are new RV'ers...and like you, have taken a brand new Lance trailer we supposedly liked enough to purchase and then began modifying it from Day 1! EMS install? Check. Anderson 'levelers'? Check. Endurance tires? Fortunately in our case, they were standard. And due primarily to boondocking aspirations, it went further. A cell booster with a 'roaming' interior antenna. A not big/not small inverter that makes the electric mixer available for blueberry muffins. Shelving where big open lockers yearned to hold lots of individual items. We 'newbies' really have to contain ourselves!

    The challenge of course - for those of us new to RV'ing - is which purchasing decisions to make from the infinite number of choices beckoning to us. Similarly, another puzzle is how to install each new 'system' so it's operationally functional...even tho' we lack 'operational' experience. To say there is a wide mix of opinion out there in Internet Land about each of these decisions is an understatement. Fortunately, there are two antidotes to being overwhelmed by all this. The first is the monetized internet which allows needy souls like us to find savvy, helpful tutors like Ray and others. Blogs, newsletters, websites, YouTube channels, special subscriptions - we certainly don't lack for advice! And the second is access to each other (such as here), since stumbling down the same trail together makes the journey, at the least, more entertaining. So here's hoping your first year is fulfilling, that the lessons learned aren't too severe, and that we share a campfire at some point down the trail to share our experiences.

    Bozeman MT
  • Doug Schneider
    Upgrades to make RV travel a better experience are worth it. As Jack stated, we can be overwhelmed by choices and decisions as to which upgrades to do. My first upgrades were how to make travel safer and more enjoyable. Then adding some convenience features and now on to upgrading for durability. We've started out with new pin box to make the ride better. Goodyear tires because we had an issue with cheap tires. Added disc brakes because electric brakes just scared me to death. This year we upgraded the suspension because it needed it. We've added slide toppers, EMS 50A surge protector to protect electronics, Verizon Jetpack, I just got the Beech Lane levelers and the Level Master to mount on the pin box just to make leveling easier. Each of us knows what we want and what we can live with. It's about being content with what we have. Thanks to Ray and many others, I spend my time reviewing choices and make decisions based on my needs and whether it's worth it. Have fun, enjoy the ride!
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