• Mike645
    I just bought a new RV. Should I buy an extended warranty now, or later and, if so, from who. I have heard some bad things about some plans.
    Thanks, Mike
  • Logan X

    I personally don’t ever buy the extended warranties. The main reasons are I feel like I can accomplish most repairs myself and if I do have to spend money on a major repair, it will probably still cost less than the warranty.

    I have heard horror stories of people waiting months for their RV to get fixed under warranty and then in the end it’s not done right or the service shop damaged something else or some other problem.

    I have heard the labor rate for warranty work is less than for regular repairs so repair shops aren’t very eager to do warranty work.

    Just my opinion, take care!
  • Ray
    You'll find some more opinions and thoughts on the subject here - https://forum.loveyourrv.com/discussion/165/rv-extended-warranty-pros-and-cons
  • Mike645
    Appreciate your thoughts Logan. They concur with what I have heard.
    Thanks, Mike
  • Mike645
    Thanks, Ray. Mike
  • 0utd00rGuy
    I’d like to chime in here. I owned a 2015 Rockwood minilite. When I purchased it used we got the extended warranty through USATravel Care. It was a 5 year warranty. I ended up using it twice in the two years we owned the camper. I had a $50. Deductible, and the first time I used it was for a slide issue (ground wire default) that otherwise would have cost a fortune. The second issue was during the first trip of last spring when I opened my hot water tank valves and the valve cracked open. I had no hot water on an April camping trip. This would have been a 5 minute fix if I could get to it, but after bloody knuckles and a miserable day, the area was so tight I couldn’t get to it. The warranty covered it ($50. Deductible at the selling dealer) and they had to take a bunk down and a wall, something I wouldn’t have wanted to do myself. When I traded the camper in for a new Jayco, I purchased this same warranty again. It offered me lots of piece of mind after my first experience, and it covers mobile rv repair if needed. Here’s the link to what we bought. We bought the platinum both times.
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