• Keith
    Although our house is still on the market and Rebecca is still working we have (successfully) transitioned to full timing in our fifth wheel.

    The decision wasn't hard, I was cleaning and vacuuming a 5 bedroom house daily to ensure it was inspection ready for a showing. Then we had to run and hide during the showings, all while maintaining a "stage" appearance, i.e. no curtains, etc.

    We are currently set up in a local RV "resort" and are still making our one year old weekend warrior, into a home. The list of mods I still need to make, including solar are slowly getting accomplished. I'm just thankful I used to do cabinetry for a hobby.
    Tomorrow will be our second paring (pairing if you throw out something she wanted to keep) down day, though Rebecca started me early and handed me a box to go through tonight. I kept 10 percent of the stuff in the box and the rest went into the garbage or to Goodwill. Last weekend we went through the basement and cleaned house. Believe it or not we had THREE gas grills. We now have one.
    Next Friday we leave for a short 10 day trip out to Utah for a family get together, and are planning to leave a bunch of stuff we don't need (like my backpacking equipment) behind.
    That said, I'm really struggling with my tools. I have 2 roll around and one 2 compartment wheel around full of tools. But I think I've narrowed it down to what I can't live without.

    Advice after one month or so in the house:
    1. Reflextix for your windows. Whether it is hot or cold, the stuff works well and is relatively inexpensive.Custom fit them and we used 3m backed velcro, so we can take them down if we want to see the view.
    2. Get a propane level indicating system. I believe Ray did a video a couple years back on a system. We got ours on sale at camping world when we ran out (again).
    3. You really don't need 21 t-shirts, etc. I've found I pretty much grab the t-shirt that is on top every day. Since we wash clothes once a week, I use the same 6 or 7 shirts... over and over. When they wear out, or we stay out longer, I might find out if I have an infinite supply or not.
    4. Weed, weed, weed. And when you are done, go through all your stuff and throw more out. Then impose the bring one item in, take one item out rule.FUN!

    Still on the learning curve.. but like a roller coaster, it can be scary, but FUN!

  • Logan X
    Nice! Good luck in your new endeavors!
  • Bruce
    Best of luck to you and enjoy. We went through the transition from a house to full-time a year and a half ago. We did not have any real issues getting rid of stuff except for tools as you are struggling with so I gt that. In our case we began our full-time adventure in a large 3-slide truck camper so we had some serious downsizing to do and unfortunately that included tools, keeping only the very basics. Now in a 35' 5th wheel and tackling a solar install, compost toilet addition and various other mods, I have had to re-purchase tools since I now have the space for them. Despite it all the last year and a half has been a grand adventure and only wished we had done it sooner.
  • Ray
    Next Friday we leave for a short 10 day trip out to Utah for a family get together,Keith

    Lucky duck, Utah should be fabulous this time of year. :) Have a great trip!
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