• Wade Norton
    Here’s a question for the group.

    I have been using water fill filtration since the beginning. I’m now questioning whether or not that was the right thing to do.

    Is there a water filter available that does not eliminate the chlorine from the source water? I don’t know that it would be appropriate to strip all of the chlorine out of the water and then let the water splash around in the tank for an extended period of time.

    I want the water filter ration but I do want chlorine to be left in the water in the tank for purification.

    This is also a question for my water bladder as well.

    Your thoughts please?
  • Logan X
    I personally don’t use water filtration, mainly out of laziness. You bring up a good point about the water sitting in your tank with no chlorine. I’m going to buy into that theory to continue not to filter my water!

    I do sanitize the fresh water tank every 6 months. I follow the manufacturers guidelines and use a bleach/water solution.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I do have a Camco inline water filter and my RV has a whole-house filter but I still use inside filters. From the tap I use 2 Brita filters so it goes from the sink to the Brita 1 then to the Brita 2 then I can drink the water. That's really the only way I can drink plain water. Give the Brita a try and see if you can stomach the water. Good luck!
  • Eddie Aileen
    Howdy Wade! We are "Off-Grid" for many months at a time,and haul our water in to camp. Fresh, clean water is a must. I also like having chlorine in the fresh water tanks, the ones in the RV and also our outside storage tanks.
    Some times I have to treat the water we haul in with chlorine if there is a question of purity.
    We have two systems in our "Mobile Homestead". One filter for the incoming city water, and a twin filter system on our fresh tanks after our fresh water pump. We also have a Alexapure table top filter/water dispenser.
    Happy Trails!!!

    Here is our set-up............................

    Also here is a picture of our Alexapure..........
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