• dnoordhoff
    Several people have advised me that it would be a good idea for a 71 year old to get some roadside assistance program for my travel trailer (a 26' Forest River twin axle. Their experience changing a tire along a freeway/interstate was not, in their words, a "fun" experience (one said it was the most frightening thing he had ever done).
    Can any of you recommend a program/plan that you would recommend through personal experience?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Chris McDonald
    We have a 30' travel trailer and use AAA for roadside assistance. Keep in mind, its not just your trailer but your tow vehicle that needs coverage. We lost the water pump on our truck and had to be towed hoe. Unfortunately, our roadside assistance program at the time did not include RV towing. We ended up spending $300 for that one tow.
  • Ray
    Here was our experience. :)

    Glad we had BCAA roadside with extra RV coverage. They towed both truck and trailer around 60 miles. We pay yearly about $120 CAD about $90 USD for it.
  • Lorraine
    We have had Good Sam roadside since September 2011 but I can’t comment as to my opinion of how good/bad they are, because (touch wood) we’ve never had to use them. I do have BCAA (same as AAA) previously for my car but the two hour wait for assistance in my home town, 5 miles from home and a couple of blocks from the provider put me off. I have heard good reports for Coachnet. So, I have determined that the three main options are Good Sam, AAA or Coachnet. I have read good and bad about all three over the past 7+ years and have determined that each is only as good as the provider they use in the location nearest where you break down. Good or bad, I highly recommend having roadside assistance from someplace.
  • 2labs
    We use AAA Plus RV. I’ve only had to use it once, but it definitely paid for itself. My tow vehicle broke down in rural eastern Oregon. A simple call and I had a flatbed arrive within an hour. Put my F350 crew cab on the flatbed and Hooked my 28’ trailer to the hitch, off we went to the mechanic. I think we are covered for a 100 mile tow. Cost is around $130 per year.
  • dnoordhoff
    Thanks to all of you!
    I think I'll try AAA for the RV only (we have roadside on the RAM due to it's extended warranty). I'll let the group know what I eventually get.
  • Logan X
    We have AAA plus RV coverage. I think it only comes in a package which includes the RV, car, and motorcycle, so you are triple covered. It’s about $130 per year.
  • BSides
    One vote for Coach-Net, we have it and it covers all our vehicles plus our 5th wheel. You can purchase it for a motorhomes, travel trailer and 5th wheels. We have only used it one time in 3 years to have our SUV towed, the battery just went out with no warning out of the blue. I preferred it to be towed to the GMC dealer because it still had a warranty on it. It was a bit further then where they suggest to tow it. I offered to pay any additional charge to go to the GMC dealer, thinking if it had other issue the warranty would cover them. They said no problem and don't worry about the additional miles. They asked if my wife and I where in a safe spot and if we needed a ride to a motel or anything they would handle that too. They called the tow facility and then report back to me when the tow truck should arrive. They called back to see if he had arrived at that time. He hadn't, and they said let us call him and find out just why hes late. They did that and reported back he would be on site in 15 minutes. The tow truck arrived and 5 minutes after that they called again to make sure he arrived. Once the vehicle was towed they made one finally call just to make sure we were happy with everything that had been done. They aren't the cheapest service $179.00, but I don't believe you will find anything better. I have had AAA in the past and they were fine too. But I personally think Coach-net's service is a notch above them. But I will admit I had AAA a few years back. We just both feel when we are broke down we want the very best service you can get. I have read some negative posts on RV-Net forums on Good Sams so I just steered clear. I guess its all a personal choices.
  • dnoordhoff
    Thanks, Bsides ... I'll give them a look!
  • mkgolfer
    We HAD Good Sam's road side. It was totally worthless when we had a blowout in the mountains last year. Our State Farm roadside was MUCH better so we dropped Good Sam's road side and all other Good Sam memberships. Just to expensive for what you get....just my 2 cents! :)
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