• Ray
    In this video, I replace my 2011 Keystone Cougar trailers rear signal lights. Over the years the plastic mounting brackets have become brittle and failed in several key locations. The clips that hold the lenses on and the license plate mounts have snapped off.

    I replaced the tail light mounting brackets and lenses with identical looking replacement parts from a company called Bargman. The task involved unscrewing and removing the old brackets, then cleaning off the old silicone sealant.

    Once the sealant was scraped away using a hive tool, I used Goo Gone caulking remover to get rid of the leftover bits and pieces of silicone. Finally, I prepped the surfaces by thoroughly cleaning them with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

    To connect the wiring, I use solder and heat shrink tubing versus crimp connectors. Just a personal preference. Then the new lenses were mounted using new butyl tape and Geocel Proflex RV sealant.

    Why Didn't You Upgrade to LED Fixtures?

    Sourcing the LED fixture is the tricky part, any of the ones I could find were much narrower in height and overall smaller. I'd end up patching the exposed screw holes and maybe the wire hole. Also, the sidewall color has faded so it would expose the whiter underneath section where the old light was.

    The license plate light was another consideration. I knew these would work right, they have been fine for 8 years, and look good appearance wise. Funny enough my new Ram truck tail lights are incandescent so they aren't totally dead technology yet. :)

    See blog post for parts and tool links - https://www.loveyourrv.com/replacing-my-fifth-wheel-trailer-tail-lights/
  • toddleti
    Great vid!!!
  • zoominbc
    Great timing with this video. Just took out my trailer and found the rear tail light cover had exactly the same problem as yours. Amazon has LED versions of my tail light so I'll order and install based on your video. Thanks for all the great help.
  • Larry B
    So If you do not travel a lot and not a lot at night then why pay the extra for led
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