• Steve S

    we all know that many people are not interested in boondocking, whatsoever, and they prefer the formal campgrounds and RV resorts. But for those that boondock, there are certain areas, I know, people will not go to. This is one of them but blows the doors off of Gunsite Wash and the BLM near Ajo:

    Private Military Airshow

    This is indeed boondocking, it is free, it is very beautiful and I did have permission to stay (after following all requirements). But not for everyone.

    Cheers, Steve

    Gate is opened using a code and you must call Security upon entering and leaving
  • Ray
    That's a gorgeous piece of desert. :up:
  • Nawbeesue
    Thanks for the video.
  • Willie
    Love the Ajo and Organ Pipe area! I feel real safe because there are hundreds of Border Patrol officers and scores of BP checkpoints from Gila Bend, to Ajo, and over to Sierra Vista. Pretty pretty country, but don’t be surprised if you’re out on a hike and you run into a camouflaged National Guard operated FLIR observation outpost.
  • Steve S
    Hi Willie, I am actually working on a video for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. I stayed 4 or 5 days there. The Puerto Blanco scenic drive took me past two Border Patrol listening posts and passed a BP vehicle on the Mexican border. Never felt unsafe here and never saw any suspicious activity. A beautiful National Monument that many still are wary about staying at for an incident that took place well over 10 years ago. Well worth a visit!!
  • bookoo
    Great video! First off, my best friend I call Scuba Steve and am the only one who gets to.
    When driving down to Ajo last February for the first time, we saw the area you were at in the distant. We saw other areas of interest in the fenced off area. Would you be so kind to advise an old Air Force guy how what to do to get a permit? Can't wait to see more of your stuff.
  • Steve S
    Hi bookoo … go to the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge Administration Office which is on the main north/south road in Ajo (north of the town square, on the west side). They have a brochure that contains the information to register online. You do not register at this office.

    Next step is to follow the instructions on the pamphlet and register online. I went to the library in Ajo's town square to do this. You need to view a safety video first, then print out two copies of the registration. One copy is left in your vehicle, the other you keep with you. The library charges a minimal fee for each printout.

    Next step is to go to the gate … you are probably looking for gate 15. The code should be on the pamphlet … if not, Security will give it to you when you call them. They look like key-based locks but do have rotating numbers instead. Make sure you re-lock the gate behind you each time you pass through.

    Last step is very important … you need to call Security that you are entering the gate. They will ask for your vehicle type, license plate and how long you will stay.

    Make sure you call Security back when you leave.

    I spent 5 days there. Night time is very quiet … daytime has the jets practising (not every day though). Beautiful area to hike through. There are no trails, so you need to ensure you pay attention as to where you are at all times.

    I had the place to myself. There is one rocky section near the beginning of the road but had no problem using my Class B Ford E350 van (2 wheel drive).
  • bookoo
    Thanks so much Steve. I Googled right after I read your article and got signed up, took the video, and am ready to rock and roll.
    I love the area you where at. How's the road for a 36 ft fifth wheel? Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  • Steve S
    Hi, you can take the 5th wheel into the first section beyond Gate 15. The "road" crosses a few washes so depends on how adventurous you are. I spent the first night in the area just before you cross the first wash. Checked out the road the next day and moved further in ... quite a few spots suitable for a 5th wheel. I did not check out the other gates.
  • Steve S
    As a follow up, now, every fall, I print out the two copies ahead of time. This year I tried gate 6 which is much closer to Gila Bend. Different landscape than what's around Gate 15.

    Now they use an app to check in for any part of the Barry M Goldwater Firing Range and there isn't a need to call Security. You check in/out using the app, just pick the area you are staying in. Also used it in the Marine section by Fortuna Hills near Yuma.

    Click here

    Two Border Patrol pickups passed by my site and they seemed surprised but didn't stop.
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