• Logan X
    I’m getting ready to purchase an EMS surge protection system for my trailer. I’m planning on getting the progressive industries hard wired unit. Does anyone have any opinions or want to share what they use?
  • RichardM
    I use the 30 amp hard wired Progressive Industries unit. Note that if you plan on using a standalone generator, you will need to make up a ground-neutral bonding plug or else the EMS will detect a floating ground and you’ll get an error code. The plug is easy to make or buy.
  • Dhuhn
    I have the hard wire progressive industries 50 amp works great. As Richard said if you use stand alone generator you need to make a ground neutral bonding plug or you have to turn off the progressive industries.would buy again
  • Greg F
    We use the PD 30 amp pigtail plug. We rarely plug in and don’t use a generator but the product has worked well and the quality seems great. Nice piece of mind. A lot easiest than troubleshooting the campground circuit with a multimeter before plugging in.
  • MstrLister
    I use this Technology Research Surge Guard 34830 Portable Model with LCD Display - 30 Amp. We do mainly full hookup camping and it has worked well for over 2 years. When I was looking for one I made sure it had high and low voltage protection. It also has a delay and I restart one conditions return to a safe operating range.
    Good luck with you purchase!
  • Lost
    We use a 30amp progressive and love it overall. The only thing I would mention is that when connected to 15 20 amp service maybe in you driveway parked at home or driveway surfing it may cycle on/off due to voltage drop. My battery charger equalizes when first started for short period as I believe most do. System is working as designed to protect from low voltage. On 30 amp service we never have any issues. And our generator has a 30 amp connection so no adapter needed. Progressive has lifetime warranty I believe and would say that’s the way to go.
  • Ray
    I've had the PI EMS 30 amp hard wired since 2012, has worked well. I did kill it once playing around with my AC trying to run it off just one of my 2000w Champions. They sent me out a new control board for free under the lifetime warranty, just had to pay to ship the old board back.

    There is a disclaimer on their website about Yamaha generators voiding the warranty - https://www.progressiveindustries.net/disclaimer

    I think what happens is some generator inverter circuits under heavy, heavy load will produce a jagged wave instead of a pure sine wave and causes a component to fail on the PI control board. On mine, it was an open 47-ohm resistor.
  • Rush and Lola
    I bought the Progressive 50 amp and hardwire ours myself. They have a very good customer service. Ours was defective and luckily they are close to us and I had it the next day. Make sure you put the card that has fault codes on it in a good place to find. It comes with the unit. Oh we have two Honda 2000 inverter and companion and I had to make a special plug account the progressive tripped showing a fault. Under the progressive website it talks about this issue. They sell it but I had an old drop cord and made one myself. It plugs into the inverter receptacle.

  • RichardM
    I made the neutral-ground bonding plug. Just take any plug and connect the neutral and ground prongs together. I did it inside of a plug housing and just leave it plugged into one of the generator outlets all the time.

  • Ralph Lowery
    So I have a question about the use of a generator and the progressive 50 amp surge protector. I am planning to purchase a Champion duel fuel and already have a progressive 50 amp portable system eventually I hope to have 2 generators in parallel. So will I need this neutral grounding plug for the surge system to work correctly?
  • Ray
    Here is a good link to check out on the subject - http://noshockzone.org/generator-ground-neutral-bonding/ Lots of info in the comment thread too.
  • Alpenliter
    I installed a Progressive Industries set up on my coach and it would not let my Honda 2000 work it’s magic. Contacted Progressive and they told me I needed to buy a bypass switch that hard wires into their box. The solution that the above link provides is cheaper and a lot easier to install. Go with Mike Sokols suggestion.
  • Barry Carney
    I have the hard wire progressive industries 30 amp works great. Really like the display of Voltage, Hertz and Amperage being used. would buy again
  • Bob V

    Thanks for the info. I made one like yours. fired up my inverter / generator plugged in the tester and it showed an open ground error, put the N-G Bond plug in the other outlet, no ground fault.
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