• saharts
    I only have the space for two batteries, in your opinion should I use two 12v in parallel or two 6v in series? I have 200w of solar and we enjoy boondocking.
  • RVsolar
    Well it comes down to how much power do you use or need ?
    I would go with two 6 but if you can afford it then I believe
    Lithium Is the way to go.
    I have both 2deep 6 volts @ 1250 amps and 2 Chevy volt Lithium @ 400amps
    With 2880 watts of solar I need the power.
  • Greg F
    Assuming FLA or AGM:

    General consensus is that (2) 6v golf cart type batteries will be a more durable longer lasting battery bank than (2) 12v batteries. If you go the 12v route make sure they are true deep cycle batteries. Most 12v batteries are "deep cycle marine". If the case of the battery lists CCA (cold cranking amps) it is a starter battery and not optimal for slow, deep discharging in an RV. 6v batteries are also larger than 12v typically so make sure that you have the space for them before you buy.
  • Steve S
    Hi, I use lithium batteries, but keep in mind that, below a specific temp, the BMS is designed to prevent charging. However they will discharge and will be usable. i.e. if doing a lot of skiing and staying overnight, I would go with AGMs instead.

    I run into cold, below freezing, overnight temps, while snow birding; the days are warm enough to fully recharge my lithiums.

    A 100W solar panel is permanently mounted on my RV roof and also use a 100W suitcase panel that I can shift with the sun. Due to the low angle of the sun, during the winter months, my roof top panel was basically useless - the suitcase panel was sufficient to charge my batteries. Now that it is approaching summer, I only need to use the roof top panel.
  • Logan X
    I use 2 6v golf cart batteries in series and I’m happy with that set up. It gives me 240 amp hours. 4359n7rieea9548m.jpeg
  • saharts
    Logan, what brand of battery is that? And the battery box would be nice to have, any info on that would be great also?
  • Frank
    Hi Logan, I was wandering as well what kind of battery box that is, looks pretty nice with those cable cut outs.
  • saharts
    Frank, I found it on Amazon. (NOCO HM426 Dual 6-Volt Battery Box). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VAUG5A/ref=cm_sw_r_oth_api_i_lMQaDbNK8F6Q9
  • Frank
    Thanks for that info.
  • Logan X
    The above link is the correct link for the box I have. It’s from Noco. It looks like Amazon has a good price, I think I paid closer to $100.

    I’m happy with the box, but just for information, it doesn’t fit in the battery box mount on the tongue of the trailer. I screwed a piece of pressure treated lumber to the battery mount and then screwed the battery box to the pressure treated wood. I’m happy with that set up.

    The small box next to it is a weatherproof box made for outdoor lights or something like that to be plugged in to an extension cord. I use it for my battery monitor shunt. I also considered using a weatherproof combiner box for the shunt.

    Here is a link to the small box:

  • Logan X
    the batteries are from US battery. I am happy with them but I don’t know that they are the cheapest or the best. I bought them off of the recommendation of my local battery shop.

  • Frank
    Thanks Logan
  • Jerry D
    I found that 6V were really expensive in Canada.
  • RVsolar
    sometimes you can find them at Costco or Walmart .
    If you have a local solar store check there.
  • George
    I would look for two twelve volts stationary service batteries. One company I’ve used in standing applications is made by Marathon. They are fully sealed battery with bolts for terminals. They are a new technology called Starved Electrolyte Batteries. They are designed for applications that and location that require little of no batteries. I’ll post a link for them .
    Also yo an explaination of starved electrolyte batteries

    They are direct replacements for gell cells or lead acid batteries.
  • Rjack10
    Here is interesting information on cost comparison of different types of batteries. They compare cost per amp hour for the life of the battery.

  • Fumes21
    Are two 6 volt golf cart batteries ok? Also can you charge the two 6 volt batteries with a the 12 volt RV charger? Thanks in advance.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Two 6-volt GC-2 batteries in series will give you a 12 volt battery bank with around 225-AH's.
    This could work for a weekend 12-volt supply, depending on the amount of Amp Hours you will need.
    Adding in an inverter or larger 12-volt loads will need a bigger battery bank.
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Logan X
    yes, the factory on board charger should charge 2 6v batteries in series with no issues.
  • Rush and Lola
    I use 8-6 volt trojans T-105's. 4 are T-105 RE's and two are just the old T-105's.zl46b0nntknigxi2.jpg
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