• Laurence
    I am in the hunt to replace my 6 yrs.old lead acid flooded Group 24 ,Interstate batteries, and would like to step up to a glass mat battery. I need to stay into the same constants ( 12volt group 24) Any advise as to brand etc.. From what I understand you can deplete AGM more than acid flooded
    I have looked at this;
  • RichardM
    As I understand it, the advantages of AGM are lower internal resistance, sealed, and can be discharged slightly deeper without damage to the plates. The lower internal resistance means that they can be charged/discharged at a higher current. Sealed means no out gassing, can be installed in any orientation, and readily shipped. Sealed also means no equalization. I’m not sure if this means can’t be equalized or doesn’t need it. It depends on what your needs are. I’ve not seen any real numbers on depth of discharge between flooded and AGM besides the statement that they tolerate a slightly deeper discharge without major damage.

    But, I have no recommendation on brand.
  • Greg F
    Always check with the battery manufacturer for all charging guidelines . I’m pretty sure both Trojan and Lifeline recommend equalization charges on their AGM batteries. This is a good reason to have a programmable charger. Stock converter chargers may not have optimal charging values which could limit the capacity and longevity of the battery.
  • Ray

    I've always assumed that AGM didn't off-gas but Interesting what Lifeline says on their website.


    Can Lifeline® AGM batteries be installed in sealed containers?
    NO! Do not install Lifeline® AGM batteries in a sealed container or enclosure. During storage, charging, or discharging hydrogen gas can be released and must be ventilated to prevent the possibility of ignition and/or explosion.

    also info on equalization - http://lifelinebatteries.com/2015/10/can-i-equalize-agm-batteries/
  • RichardM
    I think the key word is “can”. They do have a pressure relief valve and excess pressure generated during during fast charging or higher voltage (such as during an equalization cycle) needs to vent. I always thought that AGM batteries being lead acid were subject to sulfation and should be run through an equalization cycle. Thank you for the link!
  • Logan X
    I am no expert but as Greg F stated, a stock charger will not properly charge all battery types.
  • Laurence
    Thanks for the input . I do have a Go Power GP-PWM-25 25 Amp Pulse with Modulated Digital Solar Regulator and a 160watt Panel .This charger is suppose to handle AGM batts. I have never liked my OEM converter as it is a two stage . The system was installed for me by using this method as seen in this video ; https://youtu.be/oqfIjfF5eGQ
    It passes through the converter to the batteries and the batteries are external, so no worries of any off gas.
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